A gift for YOU!

07/12/2013 11:51
A couple of weeks ago I went to my doctor’s surgery for my weekly dose of Vitamin C. A friend who has Fibromyalgia reported remarkable results from infusions of high dose Vitamin C. Which was why I decided to try them too. So there I was that morning. I was idly looking around the doctor’s surgery  when a flash of yellow grabbed my attention. I looked again. Yes, there it was - a beautiful bunch of bright yellow flowers.
They made a pretty picture and brightened the whole room. It was then that God whispered in my ear. ‘These flowers are for you Anusha’.  I smiled inwardly – my special smile reserved for God alone. ‘Really? Why thank you God!’ I said as I drank in the sight of those flowers.
A few years ago, I’d learnt a happy truth. I don’t need to own something to enjoy it. Know what I mean? I could enjoy those flowers in my doctor’s waiting room as if they were mine. I can see them, can’t I? And that is enough. More than enough. Appreciation always makes life far more enjoyable doesn’t it? Enjoying eye catching footwear is another example. I’ve never been able to wear pretty sandles or shoes because I had to choose shoes for comfort – not for style. Thankfully it doesn’t stop me enjoying the footwear of others. I get much pleasure from it even though I can’t wear them myself.
Yes, God’s blessed me with two eyes to see with, two ears to hear with, a nose to smell with, a heart to love with, hands to bless with! I don’t need to own things to enjoy them. So that morning I enjoyed those flowers and delighted in them. I did need some brightening that day – so I received His gift and was filled to the brim (Thank you God)
I remembered then that a few years ago God did something very special. He gave my family an unusual gift. Here’s how it happened. While I was buying groceries one evening, the young girl at the checkout counter handed me a cute little soft toy. She asked ‘Would you like to have this?”. ‘Of course’ I responded with a happy smile. It was a free offer for anyone who spent over $75.00 for their groceries. I was delighted.
What made it extra special was that I had a definite impression that God whispered in my ear ‘This little giraffe is a special gift from me to you, Anusha’. Yes, that’s what I heard Him say. What does it mean, I wondered! I hugged my little pet giraffe. He was cute. Very cute. I was surprised at the instant love I felt for this inanimate small soft toy even as his large melting brown eyes gazed up at me. Maybe that’s what God was telling me through him? That God’s love for me is boundless? Was that it? I didn’t know. My husband agreed he was really cute. My son was enamoured by him. So in no time at all, Raf became an important part of our family.
It took several months though before I discovered why God had given Raf to us. No –  it wasn’t to show me how much He loved me. I knew that anyway. Instead I believe it was something unusual. Little Raffy brought a special spark into our family life. The three of us enjoyed playing with him – keeping him in comical positions for the others to find – talking to our little pet giraffe as if he was a live pet, playing with him together. The gift of Raf brought us very close as a family. That was what God was on about. I loved it. How amazing was that!
‘These flowers are for you Anusha’, He said to me two weeks ago.
If I listen to Him more often I know I’d hear more.
There’s a sunset I splashed in the sky today my child. Why don’t you go out to see it?
You had a great day today didn’t you? It was my gift to you.’
Did you see that parrot fly overhead? I thought you’d like the sight’.
That smile from a stranger was also a gift from me. Did you notice Anusha?”
I believe I have many gifts from my Father every single day – I’m sorry to say that sometimes I’m too busy to notice. Sometimes too preoccupied. Sometimes too upset or anxious or fretful. Silly me!
Today – I have something for YOU, dear Reader of my blog. Yes, this scene is just for YOU! As you gaze on it’s beauty, may our Father’s love envelope you. May He refresh your spirit and fill you with His peace.

My Friend, this gift is for YOU!

And maybe.. just maybe…. as you continue through your week – He might surprise you with another happy gift or two – gifts that will make you clap your hands in glee and shout for joy!