A Mystery Solved

30/05/2014 14:31
I settled down to enjoy my Quiet time; my daily cup of tea in hand. I turned the pages of my Bible and read its life-giving words. I sipped my tea. Mmm… That was wonderful. Just what I needed. God’s Word penetrated deep in my inward being; the tea did too;  I was expectant; alert; filled; refreshed. I glanced at my mug, reflecting again with happy surprise that tea in this mug tasted better than in any other. How was that possible?
In the year I turned 50, my co-workers (where I volunteered) had banded together to give me a surprise party. It was a perfect start to a new era of my life. Life had been good before 50. It was even better after. Yes. In spite of my creaking body and greying hair… life in my fifties has been what I call “my Golden Age”.
My special friend Vicki who’d blessed me often through her friendship had blessed me through a precious gift that day. It was a beautiful mug exquisitely fashioned. It’s shape was unusual. The words “50th Birthday” were written boldly in maroon on its body. Attractive pink roses and dark green leaves adorned the inside and outside rims of the mug. Gold lines ran along both top and bottom. It’s top was extra wide; its bottom smaller; its middle slender. I loved looking at my special mug and I loved drinking tea from it. It always surprised me how good tea tasted inside it. It was something of a mystery as to why it did. Was it because I liked the look of it that it tasted better?
I've been drinking from it for close to 7 years now and still find it very special. During my post operative 3 months earlier in the year, my husband wisely suggested that I put it away and use another one while I was in bed in case it had an accident. I readily acquiesced. A couple of weeks ago, it was time to pull out my favourite mug from the cupboard where I’d hidden it. As I sipped my first cuppa in it for a long time, I realised with a start that I was enjoying my tea more than before. My “magic” mug was at work again.
I enjoyed every sip. A day later I plugged in our new coffee machine. I usually allow myself one cup of coffee each week. Yum! I placed my mug in the machine and watched it fill up. I was surprised to find that the coffee filled right to the top of my mug. The mug I’d used previously would get only 2/3rds filled. My special mug had to be smaller than a standard cup. It was then that it struck me. That was the reason why tea tasted so good in this mug. It held less, so it brewed a stronger cup of tea. Eureka! Not a magic mug after all. Instead it was a wise designer who’d ensured that not only would the mug look pleasing to the eye, the tea inside it would also taste delicious. Today I am very thankful to my friend Vicki for a gift that has kept on giving over the years.
I would also like to drink a toast to another Special Friend. My special mug and I usually meet with Jesus every day. That’s...let me see… 2400 times when God and I have enjoyed a cuppa together. Worth toasting, don’t you think? Here are 10 reasons why God’s Friendship (like my special mug) has refreshed me greatly.
  1. My cup is unique and special; no other mug can match it.  
My relationship with God is unique and special. No human friendship could every match it. 
  1. The longer I let my tea bag brew in my mug, the better it tastes.
 The more time I spend with Jesus – the more satisfying my walk with Him.
  1. My special mug of tea is flavourful; delicious. It energises me.
My relationship with God is filled with His own Perfect Flavour.
Delicious. He restores my strength. He renews me every day.
  1. I need a cup of tea each day to give me the alertness I need.
I need time with God every single day. His Presence makes all the difference.
  1. My cup of tea makes me feel good physically which in turn makes me feel good emotionally and spiritually. My friendship with God makes me feel great spiritually – which in turn tops up my emotions and my physical well being.
      6.   However sleepy or tired I am each morning, I know that my cup of tea will revive me. My mug spells
            HOPE. God gives me HOPE during tough times and in fact, all the time. No matter how sad I am -  
           He always picks me up, comforts me; revives me.
  1. My mug is precious ; I take great care to keep it safe and unbroken.
My friendship with God is my most prized relationship. So of course I need to
to tend it well. God is  my All Seasons-All time-Forever-Friend.
  1. My special mug was the best gift I received on my 50th b’day. (Thank you, Vicki)
      My special Friend was the best Gift I have ever received. (Thank you God)
  1. No other mug has matched my special mug. It was a gift that kept on giving.
      No friendship can ever match God’s Friendship. He’s a Gift that keeps on giving.
  1. Finally... I've solved the mystery of my Miracle Mug's Tasty Tea.
    As for my Special Friend.... what's the Mystery behind His Amazing Friendship?


He is…

The Son of God. The Beginning and the End. The Prince of Peace. The Good Shepherd. The Lover of my Soul. Redeemer. The Great I am. The Ancient of Days. The Bright Morning Star. The Saviour of the World. The Bread of Life. The Chief Cornerstone. Almighty God. Beloved Son. Counsellor. Creator. The Door. Emmanuel. Eternal. Everlasting Father. Faithful and True. God of whole earth. Great I AM. Head of Body. Head of the Church. Healer. Heir of all things. Sustainer of all things. Holy. Jehovah. The Just One. Lamb of God. Light of the World. Living Bread.  Lord Omnipotent. Master. Meek and Lowly. Mighty God. Most High God. Only Begotten Son. Power of God. Prince of Life. Messiah. Son of the Highest. The True Vine. King. King of Kings. Lord of Lords. 

His name is Jesus.

No mystery then as to why His Friendship is one to be sought, savoured and cherished.


“Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Philippians 2: 9-11