A Touch of Wonder

05/03/2015 16:00
For many years, my son used our guest room as his study room (that is, when it contained no guests of course). It was a far less distracting room than his own bedroom. After Asela completed his degree last year we were able to rescue the room back for our family’s use. Now, we have an extra room to disappear into if needed. Wonderful.
I found it the ideal place to pray, free from the distraction of men and angels. The view from our guest room is especially lovely. Our upper spacious back garden can be enjoyed through the room’s large windows; blue skies and trees, flowers and birds and tranquility. One day I sat on the sofa in the guest room, door closed, chatting to my heavenly Father. The world outside was smiling. I was happy. I felt refreshed as I sat at my Father’s feet.
I noticed some movement outdoors and looked up. My son Asela had finished his daily shower and had come outdoors to hang his towel. I could see him clearly but he didn’t realise there was someone spying on him. He seemed to be taking a walk on the paved section of our back area. He stopped. Something had grabbed his attention. He walked up to it.  
Asela picked it up and straightened up. I could now see what it was. A hosepipe lay on the ground. In my son’s hands he held its nozzle. I saw him turn it from side to side, enjoying its look and feel. Then he pressed it and water squirted out. He was fascinated. And so was I. No, I wasn’t fascinated by a hose spraying water. I was fascinated by my son. And my son’s sense of wonder. It reminded me of his growing up years and the way the world enthralled him.
When my son was a toddler, we lived in the top flat of my parents’ home. I’d take him to the garden both morning and evening so he could have fun outdoors. He loved it. I didn’t have to entertain him because he kept himself very busy. I just had to ensure this bright bubbly little boy wouldn’t injure himself in his enthusiastic exploration of my parents’ garden.
A sense of wonder. That’s what he displayed – all the time. When did you last wonder at anything “ordinary”? I know most of us marvel at the extra-ordinary. But you know – much of life IS extra-ordinary – if we can only perceive it. Life is made up of numerous little miracles. The sunbeams that dance every morning. The bright twinkly stars that come out to play every night. The colour-washed breathtaking sunrise. The musical chatter of birds. The love in your spouse’s eyes. The happy laughter of your child. The miracle of a new born baby.
When I was new in Australia a friend told me ‘Never lose your touristy eyes’ and I've always remembered that. But then – touristy eyes are needed for not just a new country but also for enjoying the whole Universe. God has blessed us with many gifts we often don’t even recognise. If you have life today – you have something to be grateful for. If you have good health – it’s a blessing to marvel at and rejoice in. A  refreshing night’s sleep. A heart to heart chat with a friend.
A cup of coffee. A walk in the park. A swing on your garden swing. The flower that blooms in your garden, with petals as soft as a baby's cheek and dark colours that thrill your soul. Music that brings a smile to your face and the right beat to your feet. The glorious pink and grey sunset that beckons you. A cool breeze that wrapped itself around you and tousled your hair. When did you last enjoy any of them? Have you retained your childlike sense of wonder? Perhaps today is a good day to retrieve the gift. To dust it. And to use it to the full.

When did you last wonder at the miracle of Life? Of God’s love for you?

When did you last wonder at His goodness towards you?

When did you last wonder at the cross and all it cost your Saviour?

When did you last wonder why He has blessed you so?
A sense of wonder is not hard to cultivate. The world turns into an enchanting playground when we do. It even unlocks a door to praise and worship and joy. And life’s sweet music will play stirring, melodious songs within.

Yes, please don't forget.

God's created a wonderful wonderful world!

Let's enjoy it.