A Song for the Season

15/03/2020 20:18
Worship with my church family last morning was, as always, a thrilling experience. As we belted out ‘How great Thou art with deep conviction, my eyes filled with tears of gratitude, as I was carried on the wings of an eagle, to God’s precious Throne of grace. How grateful I am that there is a Friend who is always with me. No matter what the circumstances, we who know Jesus have a sure and steadfast hope. He is the Light of the world—the Great I AM. He is the Alpha and the Omega, King of kings and Lord of lords. The whole world rests on His shoulders.
Today, in place of my usual blog, I’d like to offer you a song—a song for this troubled Season. God whispered it into my heart two months ago (long before the Corona Virus came knocking at my door) to remind me that no matter what happens, He is always with me. It’s a song you and I can continue to sing after this present season, because its truth is for all time. The Corona Virus might have changed our world. Life is uncertain. Trouble looms. Change is on the horizon. Sickness bangs loudly on our doors like a drunken man in a rage.

But the wonderful news is that we have God. He is still in control.

And He is with us.

You’re with me Always                                                                                Jan 18th 2020

Jesus, You’re with me, You’re with me today

Jesus, You’re with me always.

You go before me,

You stay beside me,

You walk behind me,

Your Spirit’s within me,

You’re with me always.
  1. So why should I worry, why should I sigh,
            The God of Creation is here by my side,
            No need to wonder, no need to ask why,
            When life is uncertain, there’s no need to hide.

            For … chorus

  1. And life’s little problems are best kept aside,
            All worries and cares can be shed by the way,
            I will trust and obey, I will walk by His side,
            I will praise His Great Name all through each day.

            For … chorus

  1. So Virus Corona, you can’t steal my peace,
      Sickness and trouble can’t throw joy away,
            My Father’s rich blessings never will cease,
            His Love and His Goodness are mine, here to stay.

            For … chorus

  1. O how can I tell of how precious You are.
            How can I sing of all that You’ve done,
            I can’t help but declare to the world that’s out there,
            The sweet Presence of God’s only Son.

            For … chorus


In this world you will have trouble. 

But take heart! I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

And surely I am with you always,

to the very end of the age.” 

Matt 28:20