Auto Pilot

09/04/2012 12:00
Sometimes I do things in auto pilot. Don’t you?
Take this morning for instance. I found I’d placed an empty cheese container on top of the microwave – the spot where I often place items for recycling. But surely there was still some cheese left inside? I knew there was. How then was it was it that the box was lying empty on top of my microwave?
It was a puzzle. Had I thrown the cheese away by mistake? A cursory glance inside the bin proved otherwise. It took me several hours to solve the mystery. I finally found the missing cheese in an empty flora box inside the fridge.
I’d hidden the cheese in a flora container. Hiding it is one way of ensuring that the cheese would still be available when I needed it. I was planning to make a Macaroni cheese later in the week. If I didn’t hide it, perhaps the fridge goblins may have snapped it up? You know whom I mean! (Yes, the other members of my family! Sh… don’t tell!)
So that’s where the cheese was!”, I thought to myself with relief.
There was this time when my friend asked for a cup of coffee. But what did I do? I’d put in a tea bag into her mug instead. Why a tea bag when I knew she only drinks coffee? I have no idea!
There are times when I’ve locked my front door before stepping out. A few moments later, I’ve wondered if I’d locked it or not! Did I lock it? Or did I not? Hmmm! Know what I mean?
Wouldn’t it be lovely if all our ‘auto pilot’ moments were special ones that blessed others?
I’d like in my auto pilot moments, to give away something precious to someone who needed it. Or to be patient when someone behaves badly. I’d like it if in those moments, if God’s love would shine through my eyes.


We have just been celebrating the most important day in History. Easter. The time of new birth! The season of HOPE! Of forgiveness. Of re-creation. Love that redeemed. Love that sacrificed His life. Love that gave His all so that you and I might live.


Oh that in our intentional moments and in our auto pilot moments, this same love would win every time. Oh that the Agape love which made Easter possible would always take centre stage in our lives!


If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, "Love your neighbor as yourself," you are doing right. James 2:8
Lord, let me reflect you when I am aware of being yours!
Let me reflect you all the time!