Diary of a Grateful Heart (Part II)

07/05/2012 15:16


10 days later…… April 22nd 2012
10 days since my last entry. Here I am in Sri Lanka, enjoying a precious, God-given time with Mum. Thank you, Father God; “Thank You”!
I have been here for 5 days and have 7 more beautiful days to look forward to. Today, I am concerned. My husband tells me that our son Asela is sick with a tummy ache since yesterday. Alarm bells ring. Is Asela developing an attack of Angioedema again?
This time I have learnt my lesson. To God first, then to others! And so I go to Him. I ask Him to undertake. I wait on Him. Then…. I write a few emails to my close family and friends, asking for prayer for Asela. I pray together for him with my dear sister, Sal.
What do I hear God say? "Trust me, Anusha. Wait upon me. I care. I am in control'.
He knows. He cares. He has always been faithful.
I know He will continue to be faithful.
I lay my burden down.
I trust Him.
 April 30th - Adelaide – Back home and at my desk…..
18 days since my first journal entry of  12th April. I think back and remember vividly, the worry, the fear, the uncertainty, the stress, the panic, the brokenness I’d experienced that day, on the 12th of April 2012. It was very very hard then, to know what I should do - to choose  between being there for Mum or being there for my husband and my son. I wanted to ‘be there for all 3 of them! Could I?
Today, I returned home after 12 beautiful days with my Mum. Days filled with long, lovely meals and long, beautiful ‘heart to heart’ conversations – lots of love and laughter and tender moments. A perfect 12 days. Even the sadness of saying ‘Goodbye’ could not erase the joy we’d shared.
Mum has been there for me, supporting me and cheering me on through all of my life. As an adult I have enjoyed a close and enduring relationship with her. Not just as her daughter. But also as a close and cherished friend. The 12 days I spent with her were a colossal surprise gift, wrapped in bows of blessedness, placed in my grateful hands by a bountiful Father (and also a very generous brother)! A gift given for Mum and myself to take pleasure in, made all the more special because it was not one we expected to enjoy.
What of my son? Did he stay well during my trip? Oh yes, he did. Oh yes, he did! There were a few alarming moments when he did get sick; when Shan and I wondered if he would get sicker. But God was faithful as He promised. And kept him safe in His care.
I am very grateful to my husband who was an  exceptional Dad as always. Shan did an amazing job of looking after our son and kept the home fires burning warmly, despite the busy life he leads with both work and study. Thank you God for Shan.


As I look back, I am filled with joy. When I went to God 18 days ago, the Lord led me. He blessed me with His wisdom. He laid a carpet of gladness for me to walk on. He filled my cup to the brim. He also blessed me with close family and friends who faithfully prayed for us. And then…..He answered those prayers.
Once again, my God was faithful.
I will praise Him today. I will offer Him my thanks. I will continue to trust Him as I look to my future. I will continue to dance in the rain and the storm, knowing that the rains He brings into my life are those that bring growth and life, rich blessing and fresh evidence of His grace – even as the earth that’s rained upon, becomes green and fertile; lush, abundant and beautiful.
 “I will lead the blind by ways they have not known. Along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn darkness into light before them and make rough places smooth.
For I am the Lord your God; the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour.”
Isaiah 42:16, 43