Getting crowded out

03/02/2013 17:35


As I leaned forward to reach for my pencil, I found myself looking at the little table next to my bed. The table is something new to our bedroom. A few weeks ago, while I was preparing for my operation; shopping for a few essential items, I came across this little table. It was very light and its legs folded over. A bedside table to keep a bottle of water and tumbler on? A surface to place a book on? A resting place for that needed box of tissues? Perhaps the perfect little acquisition I needed?
Hoping it wasn’t a waste of money; I purchased it quickly and brought it home. When my husband saw it, he fully agreed with me. And yes, it did prove to be useful. Useful? An understatement. Very useful! (Also an understatement) As I type this, I turn my head and look to my right. There it lies – my new small bedside table sporting many a colourful item. A tall gray plastic bottle filled with water, with a blue plastic cup beside it. A small yellow squeezy ball with “Smile Jesus loves you” plastered across it – which gives my hands some handy exercise while my body rests.
There’s my pen and pencil along with a collection of coloured pens for me to draw with and write with. My mobile phone. A pack of cards – in case someone likes to play cards with me. (Do you fancy a game?) My reading glasses. My prayer diary. My mp3 player. My pill box with a week’s supply of pills. A tiny pill box containing Vitamin C tablets in case my throat gets scratchy. A petite mirror so I can check my face when needed. A tube of lip balm. A pretty little hand fan for when I feel hot. A small bottle filled with beautifully scented perfume which I dab on myself when I wish to smell good.
A little notebook in which I can write my goals, plans and ideas. Another little book where I can jot down any God-thoughts when they happen to strike me. A bookmark to insert inside the next book I shall read. A little card which says ‘Whatever’ in large letters followed by “And whatever things you ask in prayer believing you will receive.” Mathew 21:21, 22 – to spur me on as I pray. There’s more. But I shan’t bore you with more details!


That is of course if I haven’t bored you already.

My little table is crammed full, with a variety of interesting things – all very handy for my use as I lie in bed all day long. A few days ago, I decided I’d take a picture of it. I suspected that there might be a blog in there somewhere. So I grabbed my camera and took my picture. When I downloaded it onto my laptop, I noticed at once something that was glaringly obvious. The picture didn’t portray all the items on the table. In fact, the Most Important Item could hardly be noticed. It was crowded out – or that’s how it seemed.
What was that Most Important Item? My Bible. Can you see it? There’s a reason why the picture doesn’t display it noticeably. I’m usually propped on pillows at my bed head, close to the right of the table. So my attempts at taking a picture of the whole table had resulted in the right part of the table being photographed. The poor little left side had received step-motherly treatment. That’s my excuse.
But yes, it did look as if my Bible was being crowded out.
You and I sometimes crowd important things out of our lives don’t we? We may mean well. But due to extra pressures, a busy life or tough seasons, those vitally important relationships or vitally important activities sadly get squeezed out.
The latter part of last year was an exceptionally busy time in my life. I found myself with too much to contend with. And so unfortunately the most important things in my life did get crowded out. My time with God is usually my number 1 priority. But during that season I am ashamed to admit that it often got crowded out. Not that it was completely shelved. Oh no! But I was unable to have those long lovely extended times with God that are always manna for my hungry soul. And what happened? My stress levels rose. My soul wilted.
What are the important things in your life? Time with your loved ones? Time with God? Helping others? Working hard? Standing up for injustice? Looking after your family? Being there for your family and friends? Hearing from God? Or something totally different?
During the past few weeks, I’ve deeply enjoyed my enforced bed-rest. I’ve been able to spend many refreshing times daily with my Father God. How wonderful it’s been! Those special times with God are a must and a practice I must continue even when life picks up its speed again.
After all, I should never forget that the main thing is to……..….
Keep the Main thing, the Main thing!

“But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.” Mathew 6:33