God's got it covered

12/05/2016 15:40
Some weeks ago, I drove off to the village on my weekly shopping expedition. I parked my vehicle and got down. But as I slid my car keys into my bag, I couldn't feel my house keys where they usually reside. So I double checked. No sign of them. I knew I had to find them fast. If I’d dropped them, someone could pick them up. Besides, I’d need them to get myself indoors eventually. I drove home at once. Yellow-gold autumn leaves fluttered in the air, tossed around by playful breezes, decorating the surrounds with a crunchy golden carpet. I jumped on the leaves, enjoying the delicious sound they made in protest. Then, I hunted around for my keys.
One pink heart key ring and two shiny keys winked at me from under the leaves. Yay! I was one happy girl as I drove back to the village. “Well done” said my beloved when I told him about it that evening. You’d have thought the incident would have taught me to be more careful with my keys, but alas not. A week or two later I was about to lock our front door at night, before going to bed, but I couldn’t find my keys. (Sounds familiar?)

After hunting for them without success, I grabbed a torch and walked out into the cold night air. God was gracious to me. As soon as I reached the road, the torchlight uncovered two silvery keys, nestling comfortably on the fallen autumn leaves. What a relief! I used to keep my keys in a section of my bag closed via a vertical zip. Vertical? That’s right. Unsuitable? Definitely. If I forgot to zip it up, the keys would easily fall out. It was time to look for a safer place for them. Eventually, I did find the perfect spot—a secret pocket in my bag.


Sometimes I place my life’s keys in an unwise compartment and my foolishly held world falls apart. Why don't I hand over my troubles to God instead - His wings are the safest Hiding Place I know. A few days ago, I opened my bag’s secret pocket to retrieve my house keys. Oh no! I’d done it again. Panic. Consternation Where were they? I finally found them. I’d accidentally placed them in their former comparment.

I do that sometimes with life’s difficulties too—forget and grab them back from God after having given them over to Him. Silly me. As I was writing this blog, a piece of bad news, sailed indoors, landed on my head and knocked me out cold. Ouch. What a huge disappointment! After shedding a few tears… I remembered! Of course. God’s got it covered. Isn’t it just like Him? He loves to give me practical lessons in what I write about, so that my story would ring authentic in your ears.

Is there something in your life which is out of control? Has a place of security become unsafe and wobbly after all? Please don’t forget. God’s got this one too.


Yes. God’s got it covered.

Let’s trust Him.

“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. 

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:3,4