He Cares More than You Know!

22/02/2018 19:39
My purse broke the other day and I was forced to buy a new one. I had liked the way it fitted snugly into my palm when I used it. I liked its colour. I hoped I’d find a replacement when I spent the generous gift card I'd received at Christmas. But when I checked prices of purses at the shop the card belonged to, my eyebrows shot up. $175.00. Whew! I would defintely have to try elsewhere. Perhaps I might be fortunate enough to find a discounted one for $20.00.
Later, I stopped by at my favourite bag shop and was thrilled to find they had a sale on. A helpful shop assistant assessed my needs and offered me a suitable little purse. But ... it sported a black and white flowery pattern. I’m more a non-flashy-purse kind of gal. Black was what I was after. I looked and looked. I hunted and hunted. But she was right. There were no others of the size I liked in black. Disappointed, I thought I’d have to take the flowery one she’d given me, after all. As I walked to the counter to pay for it, I spotted a table next to it overflowing with bargains. Not expecting to find what I wanted, I had a quick look just in case. Eureka. I found it. A little black purse. And it only cost $12.99. Hooray!
These days, I enjoy using my unobtrusive little black purse. It reminds me how God takes care of my needs. That purse was no big deal, true, but I felt blessed because He provided for me. I’m thinking now about a far bigger need which God answered recently. In fact, my heart bursts with gratitude each day as I reflect on His lavish love.
When my beloved and I realised it was time to move from our cherished home of 17 plus years, it was a tough decision. What I’d loved most about our former home was that it was easy to connect with God there, mostly due to the beauty of its surrounds. I was filled by the glorious vista stretching far beyond our front door reaching sea views of 25 km away. The scene from my backdoor and kitchen window also fed my soul often as I drank in the lush green outdoors and the tall beautiful trees standing on our back yard. But our driveway was now too steep for this 60 year old; the garden far too big. We needed more living space. 

Would we find a home that matched our needs but also nourished my spirit?

We started the long difficult process of house hunting, house cleaning, decluttering, work, work, work and hope, hope hope! People had told me it was a stressful journey and I’d laughed it off … until I too joined their bandwagon. They were right. The exhaustion, crushed hopes, never-ending hard work and long waiting periods all created a much tougher season than I’d envisaged. Anyone who’s sold and bought a home knows there are numerous factors in the process that are completely out of one's hands. 
In October 2018, when our home was finally ready for sale, I scanned my computer looking for our next home, when a picture of one jumped out of the computer screen and took residence in my heart. 

“This is the next home I have for you, Nushi” God whispered

And so began a three month journey of working towards it. Of praying much, every single day. Did it come easy? Not at all. We faced obstacle after obstacle. We were exhausted. And often discouraged. But God. God was at work in the background. Twice, the price of the house came down till it finally sat smack bang in the middle of our price range. Amazing!  While we waited weeks to sell ours, our dream home didn’t sell for 2 ½ months—nothing short of a  miracle. There were other miracles too. Perhaps I’ll write a book about it one day.
On the 2nd of March 2018, the dots connected. Finally. Thank you God. So here we are today, settling down in our dream home, surrounded by boxes. Filled with joy. Thank you dear family and friends. Your prayers and good wishes have been answered. God showed me what persistence in prayer could achieve. And that He cares. He cares very much. He even gave me a little den to do my writing in. Not something I’d expected. A BIG bonus.
That’s what God is like, you know. No, He’s not a genie who’ll always give me what I ask for. But He’s a gracious, giving God who’s love outstrips me all the time. He asks that I seek His heart and pray according to His will. He loves it when I follow His lead. Just as I hoped, I now feel His presence in our new home. The little nature reserve next door, picturesque walking trails outside my front door, a view of the hills from our front yard and kitchen, proclaim God’s goodness and love to my soul.
My faith muscles were strengthened over these past few months as He surprised and delighted me with umpteen answers to prayer. So more than ever before, I’m filled with faith in a mighty God as I bring the needs of family and friends before Him.

Do you have a need today? He loves you more than you could ever imagine. Yes, He does. I pray that He will provide you with all your heart hungers for. And may He whisper through His answers how very much He loves you. 


“Praise the Lord, my soul,

    and forget not all his benefits—

who satisfies your desires with good things
    so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Psalm 103:2,5