He will Satisfy Your Desires

09/12/2016 18:17
A verse from a favourite Psalm grabbed me recently. 

He fulfills the desires of those who fear him.” Psalm 145:19. 

But … what does it really mean? He’s fulfilled some of my desires, yes, but not all of them. My unanswered prayer list is long. And when I gaze at the suffering in the world today, the verse doesn’t always seem to match reality. 
As I’ve pondered on its truth,  I’ve made a few glad discoveries. Last year, while on holiday, we visited an enchanting lookout that afforded a brilliant view. Tall trees stood serene and still; green pastures stretched before us and the air tingled with the freshness of spring. I was awestruck. As we tucked happily into our picnic lunch, I wished I could spend all day enjoying its charm. It was my “Perfect Picnic Spot of All Time”.
Some months later, back home, I had to return home from a walk one day because I couldn’t cope with the heat. On my way back God reminded me of a path I’d traversed before. In fact, the track started right across the road from our home. The warmth of the sun’s rays didn’t bother me this time, because it was a was a tree-lined pathway, offering me ample shade. I frolicked down the slope and then up into a secluded spot. I stopped in my tracks and gazed in wonder. Wow! What a stunning discovery—almost as good as my perfect picnic spot. How could I have forgotten its existence?
It was God’s gift to me and came in time for my month long writer’s “retreat” seeking God’s heart on my calling. And so during the month of May this year, I’d often disappear down my new-found walking areas breathing deeply of the fresh air and delighting in God and His world. How He blessed me through it! I couldn’t get away to a retreat as my heart clamoured for—so in its place God had brought to me my own private retreat, one I could reach in minutes. What a loving Father!

He satisfies my desires.

Last year I found myself asking God to bring a new friend into my life. It was a strange and unusual request because I do have plenty of friends. The problem though is that most of my kindred spirit friends live in other cities and far flung countries, so I can’t have a cuppa and chat with them whenever I’d like. I wrote down this special request in my prayer diary and prayed over it often.
A few months ago, as I chatted to friends after church, I spotted a lady I’d not met before. Melissa and I connected right away. We talked … and we talked. Perhaps for an hour! God nudged me to gift her a copy of my book. And all the while I heard God whisper in my heart ‘Here’s the friend you asked for’. Just like that. Now, five months later I’m enjoying refreshing prayer times with my beautiful new friend. I’m loving ‘doing life’ with her. What an amazing blessing. What a gracious Father He is!

He satisfies my desires.

What then, are my deepest desires in life? Joy. Contentment. Peace. Wholeness. All of which is I’ve found in Jesus. Because of course, like a new born baby’s deepest need is to be connected to her mother, our deepest need is to connect with our Creator. The problem is that we often don’t know it and we look for fulfillment in all the wrong places.
God’s answers are often different to what we envisage. I ask God for joy and He throws me into deep water, making me cry out to Him—a desperate drowning woman gasping for air. And then … I find Him in all His fullness and in Him is the gift of JOY.  I ask Him for hope and He points me to the cross. I ask Him for love and He strips the idols from my heart so I can discover the One Source of True Love.
May God warm your heart with His Presence today. And as you look ahead to a New Year, trusting the Giver of all good things, may He fulfill your deepest desires.

He satisfies your desires.

“Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. 

Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits …

who satisfies your desires with good things 

so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Psalm 103:1,5