I can read your mind

26/08/2012 20:57
Some weeks ago, I pulled out an old novel from my bookshelf. Mary Stewart is one of my favourite authors. By dint of many visits to several second hand bookshops over the recent past, I have collected most of her books – perhaps not in pristine condition, but who cares? They are books after all. And precious. I love the special blend of adventure, thrill, mystery and romance in her stories.
In spite of it being the second or third time I’d read that particular book, I enjoyed it immensely. It hadn’t lost any of its charm. Before long – I had read five more Mary Stewart novels in quick succession. There was a delicious sense of enjoyment as I went through each one. I finally had to give myself a talking to, so I wouldn’t read all the Mary Stewart books I possessed in one go. I left a few to read later. I went back to looking at the twenty odd other exciting books that were sitting atop my bedside table, waiting to be picked up!
The last Mary Stewart book I delved into was called ‘Touch not the Cat.’ The story contained something rather ‘different’ to the norm. The hero and heroine of the story had the ability to transfer thoughts and thought patterns to each other - a gift that had been passed down from generation to generation. The two were related and were from a family of people who had the ‘gift’ of thought transference. I found the concept fascinating.
The interesting part of this story was that the girl didn’t know who it was who often ‘spoke to her’ this way – although her secret male friend knew who she was. They had communicated in this way for most of her life and she treated it as a natural occurrence. She knew that one day her ‘secret lover’ reveal himself to her. As he certainly did, just as the exciting tale was nearing its nail-biting conclusion. A big surprise it was too as to who this mystery man was – a surprise both to her and to the reader. And then of course came the happy ending, but not quite. They got married.
At the end of the story, the heroine was trapped in a dangerous underground room, at death’s door when her hero (& husband of just 24 hours) found her – just in time to rescue her. His arrival at the nth hour occurred only because of her ability to speak to him through telepathy and to direct him to where she was. No need for mobile phones then! No need for modern communication methods at all, if we can all communicate freely from mind to mind. Doesn’t it sound exciting?
I wondered what it would feel like to talk to someone through my mind. Would it be thrilling and special? Would it add something to my life? On deeper reflection however, I realised that perhaps it would not be as good as I first thought. After all – would I really like it if someone read my mind all the time? Aren’t there some thoughts that I would rather keep to myself? Wouldn’t my space be violated if I couldn’t even think any thoughts without another person (however close he was to me), being aware of them?
As I pondered further – I realised that I do have Someone who can read my mind. Someone who knows every thought I think even before I think it! Someone to whom I can talk to all day (in my mind) and who hears me. A Someone who never slumbers nor sleeps. A Someone who Cares. You and I have Someone exactly like that. A Someone we can summon to our side – if we were trapped, close to death and needed to be rescued, just like the situation the heroine of the story. In fact, He has already done that – He has rescued me from death’s door. (But then…. that’s another story!)
Yes, I am talking about God. About Jesus. About my friendship with Him which is unique and far more special than any friendship with anyone else on the planet. For one thing, He is not “on the planet” in the strictest sense. True, He is here on earth with me. But He is also beyond this world. He is everywhere – in heaven and on earth. He cannot be contained. He is Sovereign. He holds everything together. The Bible calls Him Saviour and Lord. He is my Stronghold and my Deliverer. My Shelter from the Storm. The Shade on my right hand. He is closer to me than I could ever know. He hears my every utterance even before I speak.
I can communicate with Him any time and any where. Communication. Listening. ‘Telepathic thought transference’ if you like between God and His child - that’s what prayer is. But even better. God speaks to me in many ways. Through His Word. Through circumstances. Through other people. But the best way I hear Him speak is through His still small voice within me.
Lately, I’ve been enjoying my walk with Him more than usual. I feel this sense of closeness in an almost tangible way. I find myself smiling inside as I commune with Him – sharing a few jokes that are just between God and myself. I find a special joy in having Him in my life. I find myself saying ‘Thank you’ to Him many times over. I tell Him that I love Him. I am filled with gratitude not just for what He’s done for me, but because He is present in my life all the time. Every day. All year. In every season. And I’m so grateful for the sense of well being His special friendship gives me.
I checked what Wikipedia said on the subject of Telepathy. “Scientific consensus does not view telepathy as a real phenomenon. Many studies seeking to detect, understand, and utilize telepathy have been done, but according to the prevailing view among scientists, telepathy lacks replicable results from well-controlled experiments.”
Science must be right. I would agree that there probably can’t be any thought transference between two persons on earth. I am actually glad about that. However, I do know there is conversation, communication and sweet communion between my Creator and myself in this way. Also between Him and every person who walks and talks with Him.
I was kidding when I called the heading of my blog today ‘I can read your mind’! Don’t you worry - I certainly cannot read your mind, so you can rest easy!
But, I do know Someone who can.
I wonder what He’s said to you lately?
Have you heard from Him?