I like to think...

24/06/2012 22:25
A few years ago, I was feeling spiritually starved. I craved more spiritual food than I was receiving at the time. I mentioned it to my ex Pastor Jeff.
“Why don’t you get yourself an iPod?” was his response.
I dismissed it at once. “I don’t like sticking things in my ears’ I said. And it was true. I loved listening to music. But not through headphones or receivers in my ears. I didn’t think it would work. Or would it?
After some thought, I found myself weakening. Perhaps Jeff’s suggestion did make sense. And so I broached the idea to my husband. I was thrilled when two short weeks later, Shan very thoughtfully (and very generously) gifted me with a lovely little mp3 player on our 23rd wedding anniversary. And yes, believe it or not, it was exactly what was needed in order to feed my starving soul and spirit.
I was soon able to download free Christian audio books to listen to. Sermons too. And many wonderful Christian messages. I was delighted. I started feeling well fed spiritually again; fully content, just like a parched thirst that’s satisfied by an ice cold drink on a warm summer’s day. And there was more.
What once was drudgery turned into joy. I would listen to many challenging and inspiring messages and sermons while cleaning my bathroom, hanging out the washing or scrubbing the floors. What a difference my little mp3 player made to enhance those mundane, boring chores into times that refreshed my spirit! I was hooked. And very grateful. To Jeff for his suggestion, to Shan for his provision and to God who's the source of ALL that's true, good and beautiful in my life.
As for sticking things in my ears – I discovered it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Shan got me a pair of headphones which fitted outside my ears, not inside. I could cope with that. My set of headphones had a light felt covering which made it soft on my ears. You know, like the throwaway felt that comes in an airtight sealed pack when you’re given headphones on an aeroplane? The kind you tear open and fit on, so each passenger has their own fresh and clean surface on headphones used many times over?
A few months ago, I was dismayed when I found one of those little felt pieces was torn beyond repair. I showed it to Shan and asked if we could buy one of them. He shook his head
 “I doubt it!” he said. ‘You’ll probably need to buy a brand new pair of headphones’.
I was shocked! Why spend money (perhaps 50 dollars?) on a whole new pair of headphones when all I needed was a little piece of felt that cost about 10 cents? It didn’t make sense. A few weeks later, I made a trip to Sri Lanka to spend time with my Mum. I enjoyed a glorious God given two weeks - (but you perhaps know all about that – having read it in my previous blog)?
On my way back home, I opened one of my throw-away felt packs to fit on my airplane headphones and watched some TV. Guess what! One of the felt pieces had accidentally fallen into my handbag. Yes, I was blissfully unaware that it had crept inside my bag. You have my word for it!
When I returned home, I found this little black piece of felt nestling inside my bag. And not only that! I tried it on my headphones. And discovered it was the exact size of my own. It fitted. Perfectly. I had received the right cover for my headphones without even trying. At no cost. What an amazing surprise!
Do you know what I think?
I like to think that perhaps it was a gift from God given to me. I do realise I may be quite wrong. Perhaps it was a coincidence. Perhaps it was a happy accident. But you know, it underlined for me, in large bold letters, the fact that I have a God who cares deeply for me.
I can assure you with all my being that in 38 years of experiencing God’s goodness, I have found Him heaping blessings on my head, over and over again – even when I least deserve it. This one was just as if God had come down and handed me a little gift. It wasn’t needed. But it was yet another way He showed me He cared for me.
Has something similar happened to you?
I have known Him as God who delights in His children and a God who delights to bless. I could be cynical and discount all of it. Or I could be thankful and rejoice at every blessing that comes my way. I also realise that when I look out for His blessings, I find them many times a day. I can guarantee it! Sometimes though, I miss what He gives me because I forget to look for it. But practicing a child’s attitude of wonder is what it’s all about!
What about that amazing sunrise you watched yesterday? Or the breathtaking star show that dazzled the evening sky? How about the beautiful smile of a stranger? Or that answered prayer the other day? Was that a coincidence?  Being forgiven, being loved, being set free, being healed… these too are blessings from a loving Father’s Hand.
Yes, I may sometimes get it wrong. But I do often get it right. There’s much I do not know. But there are some things I do.
I know God exists. I know He loves me. I know His blessings are new every morning.
Have you been blessed this week?
I’d love to hear all about it.