Everyone needs a Friend!

10/06/2012 13:54
I was cleaning up my cluttered in box today when I came across an old email which I’d deliberately left on my computer, because I knew I would need it one day. A day like today! The picture in the email didn’t need much explanation.

What a beautiful picture of togetherness! Of faithfulness. Of companionship. I wonder if you have a friend like that in your life? A friend who waits for you every day? A friend who walks beside you, either figuratively or liiterally? I hope you do. We all need such friends, don’t we? Much of the richness in my life has come through relationship. Mostly, through the joys of friendship.
And so today, I muse on the heart warming  topic of FRIENDSHIP!
As I look back through the museum of my mind, I can picture many remarkable, special people who have walked into my life over the past 54 years –– some who’ve appeared, disappeared and then re-appeared at different times, others who have stayed for the long haul, a good number who have remained in my friendship circle after 30, 40 or even 50 years!
My beloved Mum has been a very special and unique friend over my entire lifetime. A lifetime is huge, isn’t it? And so I raise my glass to her, my most long standing friend and a very precious one. No one could ever take the special place she occupies in my heart. My husband is of course my best friend – we’re shared many years of an intimate friendship since we pledged our love to one another 27 years 10 months and 2 days ago. My sisters were my first confidantes and have been part of my life for as long as I remember, as very special, loving chums and faithful prayer partners. I have other unique friends who are close and who too, are very special.
What is it that makes a great  friend? Here are a few of the top qualities I value in friends.
1. One who understands me and accepts me just as I am
2. One who’s empathetic and a good listener
3. One who’s non judgmental
4. One who laughs with me
5. One who’s there for me, always; specially when the chips are down.
Does any of that resonate with you? Perhaps your friendships needs are very different to mine? Or perhaps there are similarities? I don’t know. I do know that all of us need our friends. That without friendship, life would be difficult; and much of its joy would be lost. That I am deeply grateful for the many wonderful friends who have enriched my life in many magnificent ways.
I sometimes ask myself a few questions.
How can I be a better wife today, Lord”? “How can I be a better Mum”? “A better daughter? A better sister? A better neighbour”?
Today then comes the question. How can I be a better friend today?"
To one friend, it may be to offer a listening ear. To another practical help. To a third friend, to bless her by sharing my own story. To yet another it might even be giving her the space she needs and leaving her alone for awhile. Because you know, sometimes that too can be true friendship. To one some words of encouragement. To a hurting friend the knowledge that I care. To someone facing tough times, the reminder that I am there for her no matter what she faces, whenever she needs me; and that her wellbeing matters deeply to me.


I’ve just spent two interesting days learning a lot about mental health. I returned from the experience transformed. I now feel a deeper compassion for those who suffer with mental illness. I also feel a fresh sense of empowerment as I try to walk beside hurting people I meet on my journey.
I even understand myself a bit better. I feel glad about how I’ve coped in certain situations that were hard to handle. Most of all, I feel deeply thankful for those special people in my life who safe guarded my mental health when I went through traumatic events or through difficult seasons.


I was horrified to hear that there are 1 million suicides a year the world over. Every suicide is a sad and preventable waste of a human life which in God’s eyes (and mine) is very precious. The thought came to me that some of those who lost their lives may have not done so, if they had just one true friendone non judgmental friend who listened to them.


I’ve been deeply blessed by many caring friends in my friendship circle who have been there for me when I have needed them. Some of them have helped me keep my sanity during those times when I had forgotten my music; when I couldn’t dance in the rain on my own. What kept me going then was their understanding, their support and their prayers. To know that they cared made all the difference. To know they were there for me helped me find the music and to dance again. They are special. I will always be grateful to them.
And then… I also have one Forever Friend who will always be there for me – 24/7 without a break, during all of my lifetime and beyond. His name is Jesus. Yes, Jesus is my forever friend – He has taught me the true meaning of the word ‘Friend’.
Today I thank God for every friend who has walked into my life. I praise God for those who have been there for me when my world turned gray. For those who have rejoiced with me through the good times. For those who have prayed for me. For those who have accepted me just the way I am. For those who constantly encourage me. For those who have left an indelible mark on my life. I praise God for each friend who has added richness and splendour into my life like a beautiful tapestry, created by God Himself.
“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” Albert Camus