Keep your eyes fixed

30/11/2013 12:38
I was at church enjoying our time of worship when something caught my eye. Bright. Unusual. Exquisite. It was a beautiful tree of lights twinkling in splendour; emanating its special radiance. The unusual tree had been brought into our church for our Church Anniversary service. We’d each written our thanks to God on attractive translucent leaves which we then hung on the tree. Now they sparkled brightly in thanksgiving and praise.
I enjoyed the tree’s message as I gazed upon it. Jesus, the light of the world. Jesus the source of our joy. Jesus – to whom all praise is due. Jesus whose death and resurrection brought life and hope and joy to the world. Yes, those beautiful lights did remind me of Jesus, the light of our world.
I confess that I found the tree a little distracting. I must add that it was a good kind of distraction. Yes, it side tracked me in an exciting liberating kind of way. I stole quick glances at it. Each time I looked I felt a special refreshment, like a long, delicious drink of cold water on a hot summer's day. You know how it feels to lift up your eyes to view picturesque green mountains? Or the tangy pleasure to your tastebuds when you bite into a luscious red strawberry? The smell of sun-dried clothes as you bring them in from outdoors? The comfort of been tightly hugged by someone you love dearly? Or the joy that sparkles within when beautiful music explodes in your ears and you begin tapping your feet to its beat?
That’s what I experienced as I looked at that tree. Every time I turned my eyes to look at it, I was renewed from within. I also discovered that the tree seemed to be sharing a secret with me. What was it? Hmmm! I puzzled over it for a few minutes. And then….….eureka! I got it. I knew it as clearly as if God has shouted it across the room using a megaphone. In each glance at the tree was a refuelling – a blessing. So there it was. The message of the tree for me that morning was simply this - ‘Fix your eyes upon Jesus’. Simple. Profound. True for every believer. Fix your eyes upon Jesus!
When going through a tumultuous time – fix my eyes on Jesus.
When I’m sad or in pain – fix my eyes on Jesus.
When I’m a doubting Thomas – fix my eyes on Jesus.
When trouble lurks behind each shadow – fix my eyes on Jesus.
When others disappoint me – fix my eyes on Jesus.
When I sin fix my eyes on Jesus.
When I am rejoicing – fix my eyes on Jesus.
When life is good – fix my eyes on Jesus.
When life is puzzling – fix my eyes on Jesus.
When Satan throws his arrows at me fix my eyes on Jesus.
When tough times assail me – fix my eyes on Jesus.
When the sun is shining and the world is beautiful – fix my eyes on Jesus.
Sometimes, when life is good – it’s tempting to forget where I should focus – or rather whom I should focus on. It’s easy to set my mind then on the blessings. Easy to forget the Giver. And likewise, when life is difficult – it’s far easier to focus on the problem. To forget to gaze upon the Source of the solution. Jesus! Yes, the message of the tree was very simple. No matter what the season – fix my eyes upon Jesus.
Sometimes the simplest lessons are the finest. The lessons that change our lives. During every season, no matter what the weather….. let me Fix My Eyes Upon JESUS!
Will you join me?

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,

Look full on His wonderful face.

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim.

In the light of His glory and grace.

(Words and music – Helen H. Lemmel 1922)