Learning those Dance steps

05/03/2012 12:43
“I look forward to popping in, to learn many new dance steps from you.” Those were words that my friend Lilani wrote in my guest book in response to my blog last week. (Thank you Lilani!) Her words kick-started my brain into a new train of thought.
I know that I’d probably learn many dance steps of life from her. In fact, I’d learn more steps from all of you out there! Life is an adventure in learning isn’t it? We can glean much wisdom from many others who walk with us – those who’ve gone before, those who travel by our side, to us, even those who follow behind.
I thought about how much I loved to dance. When I was a teenager I’d danced merrily at many teenage parties and thrived on it. When I became a Christian at the age of 16 – I stopped dancing for awhile. Instead, I looked forward to the day when I would dance with my husband – at home – at weddings – wherever. I was in for a surprise. My beloved husband wasn’t into dancing. And so, for many years, we didn’t dance at all – (not counting the little jigs I did in my home when in an cheery mood)!
Till November 29th 2003. On that beautiful day, Shan and I attended my niece Dil’s wedding in the very picturesque setting of the Blue Mountains. The wedding included dancing. An exuberant unknown lady in an exuberant party mood, pulled my reluctant husband to his feet. I grabbed my chance. I danced with Shan! And we greatly enjoyed it. Since then – we have been dancing. Not very often. But often enough. And much to my dear husband’s surprise, it’s been great fun!
This past week, I’ve been pondering on the dance steps in life that I’ve been learning over the years. Reaching middle age may not seem attractive to the young. But you know what – I’ve discovered that with increased age comes increased wisdom. (Well – perhaps a little more wisdom?) Maneuvering ones way through life is not always easy, is it? But experience and age bring new inner strength and also more of the skills needed to make dancing possible and easier to do, especially in wet weather. I am so glad I stand where I do today, having learnt a few new dance steps along the way. Being on the right side of 50, is a great place to be – despite a body which is no longer youthful and feet that ache when I dance!
Here are some of the dance steps I’ve learnt:
1. Yield myself totally to God
2. Trust in Him implicitly. When I’m perplexed – keep trusting.
3. Expect great things from a great God
4. Practice Gratitude
5. Do what He asks me to do. Be obedient!
6. Be blameless and pure as far as possible
7. Forgive! Forgive! Forgive!
8 Learn Discipline. Learn patience!
9. Smile Often. Laugh at myself.
10 Look for the good in others
11. Pray often.
12. Fill my days with thanksgiving and praise
Learning the dance steps needed to get through my rainy days does take effort. But you know what? We are not alone. In the Holy Spirit, we have a Teacher. In Jesus we have a Friend. In the Word, we have instruction.
Keep dancing my friend. Beyond the rain is waiting ……………….….
 a beautiful rainbow that shines brightly… just for you!