Missing the Bus

18/12/2014 19:11
I've never been an ardent shopper so I made just one major trip to the Plaza this Christmas. I was there to buy myself a pair of shoes for Christmas and to purchase Christmas gifts for my men. Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed the experience very much. I made my purchases in a couple of hours, revelling in the atmosphere – the tinkling sound of carols; expectancy on bright young faces; an air of Christmas joy amidst the busy shoppers. Finally, I walked towards the bus station, my hands weighed down with bags.
What a happy surprise to find my bus was parked and waiting for me. Hooray! But oh dear. I knew I still had to cross the road and walk a few hundred steps. Would the bus wait for me? I began praying as I quickened my pace. “Please God – let it wait for me. Please God……” I ran as fast as I could. Alas, the bus moved blithely on. I was left on the pavement holding my shopping bags and shaking my head in frustration.
There was nothing to be done but to accept it. I had to wait a whole half hour for the next bus. Half an hour is 30 minutes. 1800 seconds. That is a LOT of time, isn’t it, especially when it’s spent waiting. I spotted an empty seat and settled into it. It was then I heard God’s whisper in my heart. ‘I want to spend time with you Nushi. And here you are.’
God desired my company. How amazing was that! Everything changed. I took out my mp3 player, and listened to praise songs as I worshipped Him. I opened my prayer diary and prayed for family and friends. I began to commune with Him. It was a beautiful summer’s day. The sky was an azure blue; joyful Christmas breezes bent on teasing me wrapped themselves around me like a soft comfortable cape. Deep feelings of contentment seeped into my bones. I felt secure in His Presence; Loved. Like a bride delighting in her new husband’s company. And His joy filled me.
Did you miss the bus this year? Did life seem to spiral out of control? Perhaps you didn’t perceive what really happened. That you didn’t miss the bus after all. Perhaps like me, you were not meant to take the bus you hoped to get on. So God had you wait for the next one. And He taught you many things as you waited. Mostly, He turned your head from looking around to looking right up into the beautiful face of JESUS.
It’s that time of year when gratitude should be high on our list. We celebrate the birthday of a King. Not just a king, but the King of Kings and Lord of lords. As I centred on each moment that day – I discovered that the half hour of waiting disappeared before I knew it. Often in the business of Christmas frenzy – we forget what’s important. If I had caught my bus – I’d have had more time to do as I pleased. But would have missed out that extra half hour with Jesus. And oh…what a loss that would have been!
Perhaps all those ‘missed buses’ this year – in whatever shape or form they occurred – will lead us into deeper communion with the Christmas baby and into a renewed vision of Him. The times I’ve missed the bus metaphorically have forced me to slow down and focus on things that are really important. Those missed opportunities have turned out to be blessings in disguise – and I’ve walk away transformed, like a butterfly which emerges gladly out of a chrysalis the caterpillar endured to reach brighter days ahead.
This Christmas let us walk softly to the stable and offer our gifts of love and gratitude to the God who created us. Let us thank that baby that He grew up to bring us eternal life. Let us remember those who are less fortunate and those who grieve. Let us do what we can to bless them. Please don’t be too upset that you ‘missed the bus’. Rejoice instead that the right bus has already come – and we can jump on it. The message that the angels came to proclaim to the shepherds is ours too – ‘Peace on earth, good will towards men.’
Come – let us follow that star and go where the baby is lying wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. Let us fall on our knees before Him.

“Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today, in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:10,11

Will you make time for Him this Christmas?