No Blog Today!

12/01/2014 23:09

It’s 11.40 p.m. on Saturday night. I am back at my computer after 3 weeks away.
We’ve had a wonderful holiday – etched in our hearts like golden words engraved on marble. Our time in Sri Lanka flew by too quickly - a leaping gazelle sprinting through a lush green forest. Gone in a flash. In a thrill of celebrations; chatting, relaxing, dining, wining, feasting. Long leisurely meals with Mum. Precious moments with loved ones. Catching up with long lost friends; reunions. It was great to be off my usual routine. No meals to cook. No dishes to do. No menus to plan. No house to run. A perfect holiday.
But now….I realise in dismay that I've not had time to write my weekly blog. I reflect. Yes, I have no blog today. But then, what I do have is even better. A kaleidoscope of memories stored in my heart to savour and delight in. A heart refreshed by connecting with loved ones. I have no blog today but my I’m filled with wonder at the blessings of family and friendship and love. Soaked in the joy of precious times together - a dancing mynah bird out in spring rains, delighting in its wetness; doing the happy dance.
I have no blog today but I do have a God who whispers loving words in my ears. I look back, marvelling at all He has done for me. He reminds me that He will go before me into a new year of life. He assures me that His faithfulness will abound in 2014 … just as it has always done. His peace covers me – a soft shawl worn when summer breezes blow.
I have no blog today but I am rich beyond measure. I have people in my life who love me. Memories that will bless me. Work that will energise me. Books to read. A heart to hope with. Lives to connect with. Challenges to meet head on. A life to live.
I have no blog today but that’s OK.
There may be moments when I don’t hold it all together.
There may be times when I fail.
Seasons of  loss.
Holidays that come to an end.
There will be times when I don’t have all that I want. When I will have to say goodbye. When the past is left behind. When I must boldly walk ahead into my tomorrows. When the safety of the old is gone. When new beginnings beckon. Yes, I may not have always have what I want, when I want it. I may not always have done all I should when I should. Like my weekly blog.
I have no special blog to post today. Only a heart filled with thanks to a God who blesses me often and far more than I deserve. A life filled with joy for the good things He has done for me through the past year. A heart filled with hope as I look ahead into the new pages of life – unwritten as yet – the glad anticipation of good things to come.
I have no blog today.
But what I do have is very precious.
Family. Friends. Freedom.
Life. Love. Joy.