Sometimes, you Don't need a Rainbow

17/07/2014 18:18
I was feeling a little despondent that day. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shake off my feelings of sadness. I decided to go for a walk so I’d catch a little sunshine into my spirit. As I wended my way up the hill I asked God for a gift. The world that day was filled with sun and cloud; of sunshine and raindrops. A perfect day for a rainbow. I whispered to Him. “Lord, you know I’d love a rainbow today. Please send me one”.
As I entered the Oval, my heart brightened. Sunshine streamed down on the moist green grass. Raindrops glistened. Birds flew around chattering excitedly. The grey morning clouds were replaced by azure blue sky. My heart quickened. I looked around me feasting my eyes on the beauty around me. I looked for the rainbow I'd hoped for. It wasn’t to be found. No rainbow on the first round. No rainbow on the second. No rainbow even on the third. Perhaps God was waiting for my final lap to give me a grand finale of a perfect rainbow?
I set about enjoying my walk and some of my gloom lifted. It was a perfect winter’s day – no doubt about it. Rainbow or no rainbow I couldn’t have asked for better. The cold winter air rejuvenated me as always. I love walking in the winter cold – bracing breezes invigorating me with a fresh burst of energy.
As I left the Oval I felt much happier than when I’d started out. I thanked God for the gorgeous day He’d created. For taking me out at the perfect time to enjoy it. But I also asked Him a question. ‘Where’s my rainbow Lord?” His response came back at once. Distinct. ‘Nushi – you don’t need a rainbow. I gave you what you needed. Didn’t you just enjoy it?’ I listened. I heard the deeper truth of what He said to me that beautiful day. Sometimes you don’t need a Rainbow!
I did have all I needed that day – a sun kissed, colour-splashed, soul stirring world. God had ministered to me through the enchanting day He’d created which was very very good. I didn’t need a rainbow And you know, I realised then that there are other things I don’t always need. There are seasons in my life when God might remove some of His blessings to ensure that I change my focus from my blessings to God Himself. 
These past few months, God stripped me of things which had brought me deep joy and fulfilment for many years. A ministry which I was passionate about for over 10 years - where I was thrilled to be used of Him. A fellowship I’d poured myself into for 15 years and had made my ‘home’. They were important. They were needed… but only for a time. God chose this season to take away good, satisfying things in my life so I could focus afresh on what’s really important. Jesus. Grace. His Will. Love. Life that satisfies. Through God alone.

Sometimes we don’t need a rainbow. His love is enough.

Sometimes we don’t need the outer trappings. His grace is enough.

Sometimes we don’t get what we ask for. God is enough.

Some years ago, I attended a session on Pastoral care. The speaker shared the fact that some of us might need to needed. It was a deeply sobering thought. ‘Did I need to be needed?” I hoped not. I love to bless people. I believed it was because encouraging others was my spiritual gifting. But perhaps there was an element of selfishness tied up. Did I need to be needed? It was a question that brought me disquiet.
Losing my ministry this year was a good opportunity to figure the question out. I've often felt God’s pleasure as I’ve strived to be His hands and feet to hurting people. So yes, I do miss my ministry. I love caring for people. It was a joy to pray with those who had never prayed before. It was a precious blessing to be involved in the lives of others. I miss that. But perhaps ... it was a good thing. Perhaps I needed to lose it so I re-discovered that my primary joy must only come from God. A life giving lesson. A soul enhancing season.
Sometimes you and I don’t need a rainbow. We only need what He has given us today. His love. His forgiveness. His grace. His smile. His hope. His Word. His Holy Spirit. His Presence. Sometimes we need a reminder that our significance comes not from what we do for Him. Our significance comes from Jesus and all He has done for us on the cross. My significance comes from the knowledge  that I am a child of God.

Sometimes, you Don’t need a Rainbow.

Sometimes, His Presence is enough.

Always - God alone suffices.