Thank God for Men!

18/11/2012 16:41


There I was lugging a heavy box from one area of our church to another. In it was a Christmas tree. The time had arrived to put the tree up in our church foyer, all part of the special joy of the season. While I do love to admire Christmas trees and their decorations, (while feeling all warm and fuzzy inside), I am not too hot about putting up a tree. It requires a few skills that I lack. Like figuring out how to put it together in the first place.
And so that Monday, two weeks ago, the job demanded a lot out of me. I pondered long and hard on how to fix all the pieces together. I was convinced it had to be placed one way. But I was wrong. If one of our church members hadn’t seen me struggling and hadn’t come to my rescue, I would have ended up with the tree being placed upside down. I kid you not. It is true.
What a relief when Arthur turned up. He thought about it for a few minutes and soon told me how it worked. He was right. I finally got all the branches in place with a tree that stood the right way up. Yay! Thank God for Arthur. I got home very tired after two hours of solid work. Very thankful I was that as always – God had provided for me.
A reminder too to be thankful to God for men! From time to time, I receive lovely emails about women and about what a wonderful gift we are to the world. I can’t say I disagree. There is no doubt about it. I love being a woman. I am glad God created me as a woman. And I thank God for many amazing women in my life. They have blessed me richly. And continue to do so.
But…. today I will not extol their virtues. Instead, I will extol the virtues of men. After all, God did make them first. (Although perhaps He left the best creation for the last? What do you think?) I have to admit that my life has been better for having many amazing men in it. Men have certain strengths that we women don’t always possess. Like knowing instantly how things work. Like putting things together. Fixing leaking taps. Opening the lid of a new jar. Solving the frustrations of a computer gone crazy! Navigating their way successfully in unchartered territory. Protecting their families in a way that only men could do. Being big and strong when a woman feels small and unprotected.
I discovered that I must be trusting men professionally.
  1. My family doctor is a man.
  2. My Dentist is a man.
  3. My Podiatrist is a man.
  4. My Hair Dresser is a man.
Something I’ve also enjoyed in the male of the species is their sense of humour. Sometimes we women seem to take life a little too seriously. But men often lighten it up by their humour. I remember some of my son’s difficult moments during his school days. His male class teachers knew just how to inject humour into tricky situations. It made life so much easier for us.
I know one can’t make generalisations. And so some of what I share may not resonate with you. But today I can say ‘Thank God for men’ and mean it. I have three special men in my life – for whom I thank God every day. My husband is Tall Dark and Handsome, with a lovely dimple in his cheek when he smiles! And that’s not all. He has always been a great provider, he keeps our home and garden in good repair, has an impish sense of humour, is an amazing Dad and works very hard every day to keep his family healthy and whole. Yes, he is wonderful husband and I thank God for him.
My beloved Dad was also a man in a million – and one who shaped my life in splendid ways. I learnt of God’s care for me because of the way my earthly Dad modelled a Heavenly Father’s love for me.
How I thank God for him!
My son is the third man in my life who has filled my world with wonder, awe and joy ever since I gave birth to him. Twenty Two years later – I’m deeply thankful for the way he has enriched my life. He is very special.
Apart from the three men in my life, there have been countless other men in my extended family and beyond who have blessed me immeasurably. There are four dashing men who have been and are brilliant big brothers. I won’t talk of how they teased a little sister sometimes (like pouring hot wax on my finger nails and scaring me in the dark)….! They have blessed and supported me all of my life. I have to also mention two good, caring men who have been and are excellent brothers (in law), five smart, handsome young nephews and the smallest 'man' of our tribe – my gorgeous 9 month old grand nephew, little Rufus.
And so, today is a day to toast all the men in the world – especially those who have contributed to my life in ways big and small. Spiritually, my life has been greatly enriched by the example, preaching, teaching and prayers of many godly men. They’ve helped me find God in deeper ways than before. I am very grateful to God for their lives and for their godly influence and example.

While I am about it, I must extol the Greatest Man that ever lived. Jesus. He holds a unique place in my heart and my life. My life has never been the same since I met Him, almost four decades ago.

Do you know Him?
Yes, today let’s raise our glasses to that peculiar but special breed we call men! My life is so much more colourful, interesting and more vibrant today for the men in my life and the men in my world.
Thank you God for Men!
I wonder what your’ men stories’ are? And would you like to share them?