The Backdrop

23/06/2013 17:07
It was another busy but rewarding day at CareLink. A friend and I had a quick catch-up including a prayer time in the hallway before we went about our tasks. Next came a cuppa with my co worker Dorothy as we shared our prayer needs. We were interrupted during our prayer time by the arrival of a client. As I ministered to that same client I found a delightful God moment in our interaction.
 I offered her a brush and comb set as a little ‘pamper’ item along with the food she took back with her. The lady was amazed. With a sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips, she said ‘Oh thank you! I needed a new brush. And don’t  have any money to buy one’. Yes, a definite God moment there. Why did I choose a brush and comb set instead of a different pamper item? I’m so glad I listened to God.
Soon it was time for our Seniors Fitness class. I helped David – one of our church’s Elders cum able Maintenance men – push an unwieldy trolley heavy with fitness equipment into the area the classes were held. After some huffing and puffing (and ensuring our fingers didn’t catch on the door posts on the way) – we finally managed to move it to the right spot. As we left the trolley there, my eyes were drawn to the outdoors. Our church has an amazing view – one I never tire of. A breathtaking backdrop of hills with a lush green Oval before it. I love it. It’s where I have my daily walk. I breathed it in afresh.
My eyes were drawn to the colourful figures of children running around the Oval. A neighbouring school was obviously using the Oval for their Sports day. Little tents had been set up. Plenty of action visible – children moving, running, jumping, cheering. It was an attractive picture – and I drank it in – maroon, yellow and white sports wear – children of all ages running around in glad disarray – flags being waved – yes, a pleasing  sight.
And then, as my eyes moved beyond them – there stood the hills in the distance, serene as always, with the sun’s rays falling on them, splashing brightness amidst the darker shadowy areas. Their quiet stillness stood in stark contrast to the children at play. Movement versus stillness. Busyness versus grounded-ness. Action versus quietness.
You know what the hills reminded me of? God. Yes, they reminded me of God. The Immutable One. Unchanging, Steadfast, Immovable. I was reminded that as we live out our hectic, busy lives, there in the background is always God. Ever present. Waiting. Still. Silent. Prince of Peace. He doesn’t even demand that we notice Him.
But He is the Perfect Backdrop to our lives.
Often you and I are too busy to notice Him. We may rush around in a frenzy, trying to achieve our day to day tasks – not knowing that His peace is within our grasp if we but turn to Him. When we are busy enjoying life, He is there. When we are too busy to talk to Him, He is there. When we are struggling on our own, He is there.
Waiting to be called in. Waiting to help. Waiting to bless.
When life is a walk in the park, He is there. When life is a slow ragged dance in the rain, He is there. When life brings slush and mudslides, He is there. When life is filled with joy, He is there. When the way is dark and too difficult to traverse, He is there.
Yes, He is always there.
Whatever the season and whatever the tide – our Saviour walks before us, behind us, on the side of us and inside of us.  The Holy Spirit is within us. God is the Restorer, the Replenisher, the Helper, the Comforter, the Counsellor; our Guide. Our All in All.
Isn’t it sad that too often we are too preoccupied to notice Him? Isn’t it disappointing that often we forget to call on Him? But isn’t it great when we do remember?
What a difference He makes to my  life!
Yes, God is always at the background if I but become aware of Him.
He is in the foreground as well – when I allow Him be part of my life.

“Be still and know that I am God.

 The Lord Almighty is with us.”

 Psalm 46:10,11