The Choice

21/09/2013 14:50
In the old days, I’d post my blog on Sunday afternoon ready for sharing with the world on Monday morning. Some weeks ago however, I discovered a more efficient way of doing it. I started posting it on Saturday instead. That left my Sunday afternoons free to write the following week’s blog. Eureka. I hit a very good nail squarely on the head. Discovering a more efficient way of doing all I had to do brought relief to my bones and joy to my heart.
The new system worked very well. Until last week. Last Sunday, after I returned from church, I had a phone call that was most upsetting. Someone got offended with me. It took several days to sort out. So when my blog writing time came around, I sat at my computer writing my next blog but with my mind wandering afar. My heart wasn’t doing too well either. When I re-read the blog during the week, I wasn’t too happy about posting it. It was OK. But not good enough.


A few days on, I wrote a second blog. This one sounded a little better. But I didn’t get the ending I aimed at. A few days later, something “happy happened”. Oh! I decided I might as well write about that instead. Talk of changing my mind. I changed it 3 times during the past week. Almost as often as I changed clothes….. well, you know what I mean!
Today, as I write this, it’s Saturday afternoon. And I’m writing a 4th blog. I’m surprised that during the extra busy week it’s been, I’ve found time to attempt writing 4 whole blogs. I must be getting super efficient! Not really. I aimed at writing the perfect blog you see. The problem is – the perfect blog still eludes me. But I do have a have a choice of posting one of four possible blogs for the coming week.
My choices today?
The blog entitled ‘Why?’ – Perhaps I’ll leave it for a rainy day.
The blog entitled ‘Four years on’ – I’ll post it when I discover the best ending.
The blog entitled ‘I’ll take it from here’ – It’ll be good when fleshed out better.
The blog entitled 'The Choice' - this very one.
And my choice today is…? (Drumroll please.....)
This one of course! My blog entitled ‘The Choice’. I choose 'The Choice'! An obvious choice!
Life is full of choices in the making isn't it? You know, I’ve found that I always do have a choice in how I face what life dishes out. When life is unfair, I could decide to fret and fume. I could decide to whine and mope. I could decide to scream. To break a glass or two… or three. I could choose to sit down and have a good cry. I could decide to blame someone. The choice is mine. The choice is always mine.
Do I react or do I respond?
Instead of the above, I could also choose to look to God. To be patient. To be kind. To love. I could ask Him to help me when my abilities are insufficient to meet the day’s demands. I could search the scriptures for wisdom. I could ask God for strength. I could live with courage. I could look beyond another’s fault. I could forgive. I could wear a cloak of understanding. I could put on a belt of joy. I could choose to dance in the rain.
I stand today with life open on a brand new page of living. What will be written on it? Not just what happens to me. But also the way I react or respond to my circumstances.
What is my choice today?
“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18
Yes, Lord, I will be joyful no matter what happens.
Yes, Father, I will endeavour to live a life of constant communion with You.
Yes, Jesus, I will give thanks through all of life – the good, the bad and the in between.