The Most Satisfying Conclusion

18/04/2014 17:27
When I was preparing for my season in bed earlier in the year, I made sure I was well stocked with an abundance of reading matter. I returned from a visit to the library with 3 shopping bags filled to the brim. My gallant men carried my heavy bags from the library to the car – bless them. I counted the books when I got home – there were 35 books in all. Not bad! Not bad at all! I was now ready for my period of hibernation.
As I recovered from my operation however, I found (to my dismay) that my supply of fiction books was insufficient. Every Saturday from then on, I’d ask my book-wise husband to bring me a few fiction books from the library. Of course he obliged – selecting books I thoroughly enjoyed. (Isn’t he clever?)
One of the books Shan brought me was entitled Jeeves and the wedding bells. I presumed it was yet another P.G. Wodehouse novel and I looked forward to burying my nose in it. I’ve read most Wodehouse books over the years, chuckling and laughing out loud over many of them. His witty language and intricate plots delighted me time and time again. A closer look however proved that this particular book wasn’t written by Wodehouse after all. It was written by an author named Sebastian Faulks.
Sebastian Faulks has done a great job. His language was almost as good as the grand author’s witty style; his characters and plot were believable. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The best part was the ending - it was my kind of ending. At the risk of upsetting those who might like to read it, I’d like to share something nice. By the time you get to the last page of the book, Bertie Wooster is happily married. Isn’t that lovely? What better way to end the whole series than by giving the hero of the book a happy ending? I take my hat off to Sebastian Faulks. He got it right.
And you know, it wasn’t just the one book that had a satisfying conclusion. It was all of it – the entire Bertie Wooster saga ended on a gladsome note through this one final story. I’ve no doubt that P.G. Wodehouse himself would have heartily approved.  Sebastian Faulks named his book ‘A Homage to P.G. Wodehouse’. It did honour the creator of Bertie Wooster. Yes, it was a most satisfying conclusion.
Today I am paying homage myself. But not to P.G. Wodehouse or to Sebastian Faulks.  (Even though I do applaud their writing and thank them for the pleasure they’ve given me through their books.) My homage today is to the Author of Life. Jesus Christ. Yesterday we celebrated the most significant date on the Christian calendar. The day Jesus broke the curse of sin and death. When he rose again. When He triumphed over life and death. The day He gave us a sneak peak into the ending of our story; yours and mine. He too promises for our lives, a very satisfying conclusion.
Unlike P.G. Wodehouse and Sebastian Faulks – the Author who wrote the first story of life will also write its joyful conclusion – not that there will be a “conclusion” as we know it – because the story of life continues through Eternity. Today, on Easter Monday we rejoice. Jesus has overcome. He has overcome sin. He has overcome death. And through His death and resurrection He has opened a new and living way for us.
In the last 2 months, my life has been turned upside down. It's been a crazy roller coaster ride; dealing with bad news, death, loss, crises, sadness, pain and many bewildering moments. I’ve often felt I was a tiny boat, being frantically tossed about on life’s seas while menacing storms raged around me. And yet, the glory of the Easter story burns brightly in my heart today, like the light of a million stars in a cold, dark night; like the glow of silver moonlight that illumines the night sky; like the light of a little candle that burns fiercely in the midnight watch. As I type these words I reflect on all God has done for me. And I find my heart is bursting with a joy it cannot contain. A cup of joy that overflows; a fountain that bubbles forth fresh clear water; a gleeful child running excitedly in a lush green meadow on a perfect summer’s day.
The joy of God’s love and hope and goodness and beauty never dim. Life hands us difficult moments, people who hurt us, sadness, strife. We lose family and friends who are precious to us; things that cannot be replaced. Illness rears its ugly head; hard times befall us. But we do know that God has birthed a living hope within us. We are the resurrection people. We have a song in our hearts that can never be quenched. We have a hope that burns brightly within, no matter what the season.

So keep singing.

Keep hoping.

And keep the faith.

Our God reigns. He has conquered sin and death. And  this one thing we do know.

The Story of God has the most satisfying conclusion. 


The Very Best Ending of All.