The Shortest Email

18/08/2013 16:08
I do love sending and receiving emails. But those who write to me might wonder why I reply some emails speedily while others may not get a response for many moons. What makes the difference? Well, I usually respond quickly to short emails and leave the longer ones for later. It also depends on their urgency. If a family member or friend is in need of help or prayer – I make it a high priority. And by the way, group emails don’t receive as quick responses as one on one communications. I am a one-on-one kind of gal!
So there. That was some inside information for those who don’t know me. For those who do – perhaps you’ve figured it all out already? A couple of weeks ago, I received what could be the shortest email I’ve ever had in my in box. It was also probably one of the nicest. This is what it said:

Dear God,

I love this gnu. Please look after it.


Does that confuse you? Who is the ‘gnu’? Ah! Good question. Let me explain. Firstly…. I’m glad my parents chose the name ‘Anusha’ to bless me with. I was blessed further when my friend Michelle shared its meaning with me. ‘Beautiful Morning Star’. I may not be a beautiful morning star but I could aspire to be one, couldn’t I?

Over the years, I’ve been called lots of names. Anu was what my parents, siblings and friends called me in my growing up years. But after I left school and made my own way in the world, I was called by my full name Anusha more often than not. That was good too - I did like the softness of the ‘sh sound. A few more nicknames have been bestowed upon me. Akka (Big sis), Nush and Nushi are some of them. I like them all. Perhaps ‘Nushi’ is my number one favourite. (Thank you Kumu, Liz and Rae)
Occasionally, I sign letters also as ‘Ah Gnu’ – a derivative of ‘Anu’. I’d once signed an email to my friend Leanne, as ‘The Gnu’. She liked it. I liked it. And so, 'The Gnu' came to stay.


I quite enjoy being a ‘Gnu’ in spite of Leanne’s word of warning. She reminded me that if my friends google ‘Gnu’, the pictures they see of me, would be far from flattering. I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all. After all, although the Gnu may not be the handsomest of creatures, he was created by God wasn’t he? I saw a certain picture of the said ‘Gnu’ on the web which gave me a good belly laugh! I’m still laughing over it.
Leanne blessed me by her lovely little prayer-email. “Dear God, I love this gnu. Please look after it. Amen’. She didn’t say much. But oh she sprouted volumes. She didn’t even address me. But in addressing God – she blessed me more than if she did. Yes, it was probably the shortest and one of the loveliest emails I’ve received. Thank you Leanne. It made my heart sing. You are a dear friend! And I love you too.
Leanne’s beautiful prayer taught me something about prayer. It’s not the length of a prayer that matters. A prayer can be very short. It doesn’t need to sprout pages of eloquence. A prayer is a prayer. It can only bless. It’s always the best time to pray. It brings joy to the person being prayed for. And of course, the sincerity of a prayer speaks loudly (both to God and to the person being prayed for) as this one did.
Prayer also blesses God – did you know that? I believe it blesses Him because prayer brings the pray-er into a closer walk with God. And that’s what our journey with Him is all about, after all. Walking close to Him, listening to His heart and aligning ourselves with His ways. Prayer also binds two people together doesn’t it – the pray-er and the receiver, bringing both of them together before God. And although we often say there’s nothing left to do but to pray, that’s where we are wrong. The first line of attack (and defence) I believe should always be prayer. I am sure you will agree.
Do you sometimes feel helpless? Unable to help a loved one? Or powerless to change a tough circumstance? Do you feel there’s little you can do about life and all the challenges it brings? Why not pray? And pray again? God in His wisdom has given us an awesome gift. How often do we use it? I’d love to grow in the area of prayer. Come join with me. Let’s go before our Father’s throne of Grace.


Dear God,

I know that  you love the person reading this blog right now.

Please look after her. Please look after him.