The Spaces of my Mind

03/09/2015 14:37
I was busy. Busy hanging washed clothes on our clothing airer. I thought there’d be sufficient room for all the wet clothes, but it was over crowded, so I was forced to re-arrange them. It was bad planning on my part of course. I’d placed small items like socks and hankies in parts of the airer where there was lots of space. Larger items like pillow cases and pyjama bottoms couldn’t fit into the smaller gaps that remained. With a sigh, I moved the little items into the little spaces. Ah! Much better. Now there was room for the bigger items. It was amazing how a task that seemed difficult was made possible through a wee bit of re-arranging. I sighed again – but this time with happy relief, contentment seeping into my tired bones. I could get to bed at last. 
A few days on, I did more re-arranging – this time inside my computer. I’d discovered that my hard drives were choc-ful of stuff. Something had to be done before my computer said ‘Enough’ and went on strike. I went through my Outlook folders, deleting pictures and large emails. I went through my word documents, removing backup copies which were using unnecessary space. I checked what was left, hoping I’d increased the free space sufficiently. Surprisingly there was no change.
My astute husband suggested I empty the recycle bin on my desktop. Voila! My computer’s free space increased dramatically. I could breathe freely again. I shall need to de-fragment my computer after I finish going through my files. And just as I’d re-arranged my wet laundry on the clothing airer the other day, my computer will also re-organise its used space to free up a bounty of contiguous space for my use. Wonderful!
After living 16 years in the one house – my husband I have discovered how even our home has too much stuff and sometimes in disarray. I've been reflecting on something far more vital than clothing airers, computers or homes. What does my mind look like? How’s it arranged? What’s inside? Are there spaces? What kind of spaces? Is it displayed in a way that pleases God? Or is it crammed with garbage and hefty dark files which need sorting, sifting or throwing out? Are there parts of my mind that are filled to capacity by mean thoughts? Are there large negative boulders of ideas lodged in the tiny crevices of my mind? Am I filling my mind with grievances that need to be got rid of?
Joyce Meyer’s book ‘The Battlefield of the mind’ is an excellent reminder of where Satan’s battles begin. Yes, our minds are often the starting point. Have I filed away years of worry and discontent? Jealousies? Anger? Resentment? Is there unforgiveness taking up a larger than life space? Is judgement of others decorating my mind’s documents?
Here’s what God challenges me to get busy with today. To fill up the spaces of my mind with His kind of thoughts. Each new day, I have a choice about what I allow inside. Pure, wholesome thoughts or ugly, negative ones. As the saying goes, you cannot stop birds flying into one’s hair but you can stop them building nests on your head. I am not responsible for the thoughts that creep into my mind – but I am responsible for what I do with them; especially if I file them for permanent lodging.
So what kind of soul-food might nourish the spaces of my mind?
  1. Thoughts of wonder, awe, curiosity about this amazing Universe we live in

  2. Precious times with loved ones to reflect on, re-live and give thanks for
  3. Marvelling at and thanking God for the GOOD NEWS of Jesus

  4. Remembering His abundant faithfulness over the years with gratitude
  5. Praise and Worship – a life attitude. As gifts of mind and heart

  6. The Word of God – memorised and planted like seeds in fertile soil
  7. Reflecting on ways I can bless my world and everyone in it

  8. Prayer for others’ needs; constant, persistent, hopeful
  9. Ideas on writing which will challenge, exhort, inspire, refresh

  10. Meditating on what I can learn from the numerous people in my world
  11. Thoughts of God - of His majesty and His glory

  12. Discovering ways of pleasing God and bringing joy to His heart

It’s time to check those files in my mind; the archive I’ve collected in there. 

To de-junk those that need discarding. 

To replenish my mind with beauty, truth and goodness.

“Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” Philippians 4:8