To Rush or Not to rush, that is the Question!

17/02/2019 19:02
My body is aching. My limbs are weary. I’d love to get back into bed and sleep for a week. Pain and fatigue have hit big time; my brain feels like sludge. But no, I’m not complaining. How can I complain? I’m grateful. Oh so grateful. I was richly blessed with the gift of two exhilarating weeks in Sri Lanka and I have much to thank God for. I enjoyed a heart-warming reunion with my six awesome siblings and extended family. We celebrated my Mum’s writings and my big sister’s special b’day. I was pampered no end by my beloved sis Sal (and her family) who cared for my every need, from mouth-watering meals to rides in their air conditioned car in the heat of Colombo to getting my Internet working. (Thank you Sal, Chandran and Chandri. You are the best!)
Family and friends were incredibly generous and lavished Sri Lankan style hospitality upon me. I was blessed with a zillion joyful moments of connectedness and friendship, scrumptious food and fellowship, laughter and meaningful moments. So yes, I’m very grateful. After I got back three days ago, I’ve been trying hard to write my next blog. But … sleepiness, pain and fatigue joined hands to laugh at me like a pack of drunken hyenas. During my vacation, numerous blog ideas had hijacked my brain, but in the midst of unpacking, settling back and reconnecting with my men, I was just too tired to write.
Seven years ago, in Feb 2012, God had led me to embark on blog writing, a ministry I have relished. A question wafts into my fatigued brain. Is it mandatory that I not disappoint my blog readers? I had skipped one blog post in early February while away. Would it be OK to skip this week too? Now it strikes me. Seven years of blog writing did I say? In that case … I’m due for my sabbatical!. Hooray!
So as we ponder on what a sabbatical means, here’s a question. Do you cram as much as possible into each day like packing sardines into a can, or do you savour them slowly, like delighting in each bite of a delicious chocolate dessert? In my youth, I rushed through life, fitting in as many commitments as possible into my days, striving to make a difference for Jesus. But as I have grown older and wiser, I have slowed down because I wanted each moment to count for Jesus but not through feverish activity. Over time, I changed from being an over-active Martha to a quieter Mary who liked nothing more than to spend time at my Saviour’s feet, loving Him, listening to Him, and doing only what He asked of me. Obedience to God I believe is the key to an abundant life.
Do you feel guilty because of the needs around you? Do you feel tempted to do it all? Would you like a moment to stop and stare, to reflect and be revived? Success in this modern world is often equated to a busy life. Life can often feel like a treadmill of To-dos that are never completed. But is that how God views life? I’ve made the freeing discovery that I do not have to be all things to all people. That’s God’s job. I’ve learned to take my orders from Him and to let Him take care of His world.
Sometimes life is full and I have no choice—as was my two exciting weeks in Sri Lanka. And we all have those busy spells. At other times, like now, I don’t need to fill every waking moment with activity. My body is tired and I need rest so I refuse to go on a guilt trip. Aeroplane safety rules inform us that we first use our own oxygen mask before helping anyone else. It’s now the right time for me to reach for that oxygen mask so I can be once again be able to take care of others. We all have different temperaments and giftings so what’s too hectic for one person could be just what God requires of someone else. But each of us needs to slow down enough to hear Him before we act.
So … please take a break when you need it. It’s OK to care for yourself; in fact it’s needed. Sleep for 12 hours. Let dust collect and do nothing if necessary. Spend 24 hours with God and really listen to Him. Have a play date with your spouse. Take a sabbatical. Ensure that weekly Sabbaths are part of your routine. Retire from a job that drains you to do what you are passionate about. Being refreshed in His presence is vital for our spiritual health so God’s idea of a weekly Sabbath makes total sense.
Having a daily Quiet Time renews me as I allow Him to speak to me and He nourishes my soul each day. Being still reminds me of Who is in charge of our world, (and no, it’s not me.) Savouring life helps me enjoy my journey and to accomplish what God requires of me.

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

"In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust your strength." Isaiah 30:15

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10