Turn Around Please

18/03/2018 21:44
Two years ago, when we decided to move to greener pastures, I was filled with trepidation; loath to give up the beautiful views I'd thrived on for over seventeen years. Would we find an equally loved home the next time around? I confess to moments of not trusting God wholly. But I need not have worried. The instant we entered our new habitation, it became home … and there was no looking back. I don't usually thrive on change, so however did that happen? I had also been a little worried whether I'd be able to connect with God as easily as I did in our previous home. Again, God blessed me  beyond my expectations. I discovered soon enough that our new home reeks of nooks and crannies which I call God-spaces! 


Thank you Papa! There's plenty of magic in my home. I love it!

One of my God-spaces is our spacious dining room. It boasts of large glass windows which overlook our backyard patio. On weekdays, I have my lunch there in solitary splendour, partaking of a boring, healthy meal with my eyes (mostly) fixed on a good book. I face the backyard then—enjoying the view of the bright yellow flowers outside as they dance in the breeze. A few days ago, the light seemed dim, so reading became difficult. Should I face the other way, allowing the sunshine from behind fall on my book? But then … I’d have to give up my gorgeous view. Hmm …! Not a good proposition. 
I tried hard to keep reading, but, after straining unsuccessfully to decipher the words, I knew I had to try another spot. So reluctantly I moved to the other end of the table—and what a wonderful surprise!  No view? Silly me! A stunning scene of the hills from my kitchen flooded the room from ahead. I gasped in wonder, because on my left, I had yet another picture-perfect view of our front garden. Wow! Not one view, but two. What was I grumbling about?
Often in life, God calls me to give up where I’m comfortable and head off in a new direction altogether. Change isn’t easy for me. When we’d settled into our former home over 17 years ago, (after 11 moves in 4 countries in 14 years of marriage), I was ready to stay put for the rest of my earthly existence. But two years ago, it happened. We realised we needed to move for many reasons. In addition, I felt God’s nudge in my spirit that it was time to leave. Of course, I had to say ‘Yes’. The thing is … If I refuse to walk in His ways, I would never discover the treasures He has ready to shower on me. And when I stay in the safety of the known, I would never reach my promised land.
Our intense eight month adventure of moving house took lot out of me—I’m still suffering with pain and fatigue due to the nonstop physical work involved. But when I look back on all the effort, the physical distress and the extreme pain … then look around me at my present exquisite surroundings, I look up in heartfelt gratitude. It was all worth it. More than worth it. I’d do it all over again!
Is God calling you to something new? A career? A relationship? A tough assignment? Is He asking you to give up something you enjoyed? To try something painfully different? Do you find it too hard to turn around in the direction He’s pointing at? Friend, I feel your pain. Change is rarely easy and requires courage. The longer we’ve been settled in a job or home or church or wherever, the harder it is to move out of that sweet spot into a new habitation. And yet, as long as we cling to the old, the joys and delights of a new season cannot be unearthed.
Today I testify to a God who wants only the best for His children. Who leads us with an unerring Hand. A God who asks for our all but makes it more than worthwhile when we say 'Yes' to His plans for us. He will take you through winding pathways to your unique future as you place your trust Him. 

As for God, his way is perfect:
    The Lord’s word is flawless;
    he shields all who take refuge in him. Psalm 18: 30

It is God who arms me with strength
    and keeps my way secure. Psalm 18:32