Unravelling Those Knots

25/05/2018 18:31
After a year of frenzied activity, we’d finally unpacked all our boxes and were settling down in our enchanting new home. But one day I felt overwhelmed. I’d discovered that my Book launch was only three short weeks away. 21 days. Help! For months, I hadn’t had the time nor the energy to spare much thought to it. But now … with the event so close, I was forced to get cracking.
The launch of Enjoying the Journey had been in Sri Lanka with a willing band of helpers—my family, friends and Publisher. But this time … I felt I was alone. Who could help me? As I got ready for church that morning, I saw that the chain I’d hoped to wear was knotted several times over. Sigh. I didn’t have the patience to unravel knots! It was then that the Holy Spirit whispered  “Let me help you Nushi’.
I managed to unravel two of the knots (with His help) but there was one more. I didn’t want to get late to church, so left it for my beloved to help me with later. I donned a different chain, picked up my Bible and handbag and climbed into my car, when God spoke to my heart a second time. 
Watch me as I unravel the knots of your book launch, Nushi”.
Hope flowed into my heart, like gushing waters that filled a dry creek with cold winter rain. I slid into my seat at church a bit later and spotted my lovely, exuberant, accomplished friend Debbie at the end of my row. God spoke to me a third time. “Ask her.” Of course. Debbie was the very the person I needed! After the service, I approached the lady of the hour. ‘Yes,’ she said at once. Debbie hands are often full, occupied in a hundred admirable projects but she willingly says ‘Yes’ to God, so He uses her skills and her caring heart to bless His world. Thank you Debbie.
Later that week we caught up for a cuppa and I shared with her my dreams and plans for the launch. Most importantly, we prayed together. Yes, God was unravelling those knots of impossibility, one by one. Over the next 21 days, He continued to unravel every knot that presented itself. My beloved took over as the Project Manager of the launch—hooray! It released me to do a zillion other things that had to be done—sending  invites, counting heads, planning food, purchasing goodies, practising my song, preparing my talk. And more. Lots more. I was amazed at the amount of work needed for an event!
On the week of the launch, I received a thrilling surprise—a package from my caring, creative sis-in-law Charmalie, all the way from Sri Lanka. Cute red umbrellas she’d crafted—(what lovely décor to adorn the hall!) and a splendid shining banner. She’d even made one hundred unique bookmarks to give away at the launch. Wow! What a wonderful gift!  Thank you sweet Charmalie. I’d been praying for finances—a generous gift from my loving big sister Ranmali covered it. Another gracious gift from my beautiful daughter-niece Ashi helped me buy sufficient books to sell at the launch. Thank you God! 
I’d hoped to have some fresh flowers on the stage but with the expenses mounting, I’d bought a few artificial flowers instead. Of course God provided for that too. My loving sister Sal sent me a stunning bunch of roses—delivered by my brother. In fact, my two brothers and their wives, Rohan and Swen, Ranjan and Niranji arrived the day before from Sydney and  Whyalla—showering me with more lavish gifts and cheerfully jumped in on the action.
They blew dozens of balloons, arranged the hall, greeted our guests, spoke at the launch, served the refreshments, sold my books. Wasn’t I blessed? My amazing friends Melissa and Sherreen helped set up the hall and ushered in our guests. They, together with the lovely Lesley, a writer friend, contributied to the formal launch with flourish! One attendee told me that being greeted by their captivating smiles was the perfect start to the launch. Debbie  provided me with music and sound for the event, produced more décor and was our spectacular Compere for the afternoon. Her low modulated tones and her great sense of humour created a picturesque bow tied around the exciting package of my book launch.
My beloved whizzed around doing a 101 things that were needed, while my son taped the event. Not only were the knots on the chain of impossibility unravelled, exquisite chains of fresh possibilities now adorned me. The hall was filled with eighty plus guests who supported me. I thank each of them for taking time out of their busy schedules to be there. My former pastor Rev. Jeff Noble iced the cake of the moment with a well thought-out, well-delivered message as he launched Dancing in the Rain. My present pastor Rev. Andrew Hogarth blessed me with a beautiful prayer to end the formalities. Family and friends who couldn’t be there supported me through their loving wishes and prayers.
The fifty books I had on sale disappeared in no time—a good problem for a book launch! God gave me a gift that day which only He could give. Cloudy skies had been predicted and I’d grizzled to Him. “Voila!” He said that morning as He presented me with a bright beautiful day replete with dazzling sunshine. Wow, Lord! Wow! Not only that, but after a day of pain and fatigue the day before, I awoke fibro-free. Yay! The best gift of all, Lord. Thank you.
Needless to say, I was overwhelmed. But not as I’d been three weeks before. Then I was overcome with apprehension. Now I was (and am) overwhelmed with joy. Surprise. Jubilation. Thanksgiving. Awe at all God did. Awe at people in my life who chip in to bless my world. Yes, I’m talking to you—the readers of my blog as well. Every single one of you! 
I am especially grateful to my Publisher, Armour Books and the gifted, faith-filled person behind it, Anne Hamilton, not just for publishing my book but for all her support without which there wouild be no 'Dancing in the Rain'.
Is there a knot in your life you would like Him to untie today? I’d love to pray for you, so do write to me with any requests you might have. Our God is a gracious loving God who gives far more than we deserve. He lavishly blesses us when we least deserve it or least expect it. He reminds us to ask, seek and knock, assuring us that he who asks receives, he who seeks finds and that when we knock, the door will be opened. 

May He unravel every knot in your life, placing around your neck 

a garland of grace & goodness, beauty & truth, love and life.


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, 

so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13


“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, 

having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Cor 9:8