We Need Each Other

15/04/2015 17:02
I’d like to say three cheers for my friend Nola. She is a lovely friend. Last year, she informed me about a writing opportunity; the kind my heart delights in. And so I sent in a few devotionals to ‘Penned from the Heart’. A few months later, I was thrilled to discover that three of my contributions were to be included in the book. I had other expenses to contend with, so when we were given an opportunity to purchase the book, I decided to just go with my free copy rather than pay for more copies.
Well – I waited and waited – but sadly my free copy didn’t arrive. Never mind, I thought. I let it go and left it at that. But a few weeks later I received a grand surprise. A copy of ‘Penned from the Heart’ nestled in my mail box – a gift from my dear friend Nola. I started reading it as part of my Quiet time each morning and it’s been blessing me ever since. The book was even better than I’d expected.Thank you Nola. What a kind, generous and thoughtful friend you are. Bless you.
What makes Penned from the Heart so endearing is that many authors have contributed devotionals to make up a book of 365. Each author’s style of writing is unique. So there’s lots of variety. I love it. I decided to not only contribute to this year’s PFTH but to also buy several copies of it at years’ end to gift to others. Thanks again Nola.
We need each other don’t we? As a writer – I need other writers who teach me how to write better. I also need to read widely. There are many gold nuggets in a variety of books – be they heavy theology or light hearted romance, poetry or prose, stories with humour or those with in-depth insight. Another book I've been enjoying lately also during my Quiet times is called ’50 people every Christian should know’ by Warren Wiersbe.
As I've read the life stories of many amazing men women of God – some born hundreds of years ago – I have been encouraged and uplifted. They include Katherine von Bora (wife of Martin Luther), Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, Fanny Cosby, Hudson Taylor, Frances Ridley Havergal, F.B. Meyer, Amy Carmichael and A.W Tozer. I've been sensing powerfully - that large, unseen cloud of witnesses who surround us and cheer us on to the finish line.  I have imbibed more faith by reading of saints of old, whose stories have helped me persevere through tough times. Knowing of God's reality in their lives and reading of their faithfulness to God propels me on to live better.
The other day, I was in a shopping centre when I glimpsed a family.The man turned and kissed his partner. They were obviously very much in love. Their little daughter skipped on ahead. As I watched, that little act filled my own heart with joy. He was completely unaware that an onlooker’s day was made happier because of his action. But you know it’s true. All our actions cause ripples to flow out into the wider world. We need each other on life’s journey to encourage, uplift, help, support, bless, challenge, edify.
And so, I ask a few questions of myself today.
  1. Whom do I need to listen to?

  2. Whom can I support? 
  3. Whom can I learn from?

  4. To whom can I speak a word in due season?
  5. Whose example should I follow?

The longer I follow Jesus – the more I realise how far off the mark I am. The longer I live, the more I realise that I will always be a work in progress. The more years are behind me – the more urgent that I learn and grow all I can, while I can. After all – our lives here are but a brief preparation for the fabulous magnificent life of eternity.
Whose life is inspiring you today to live better?

And to whom are you being an encouragement today?

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” Hebrews 10:24