When the Rain Fell...

18/03/2012 17:19
This past week was one where the rain fell steadily in my life. Sometimes it splashed lightly in little droplets that danced on the window pane of my heart. At other times it bucketed down in gushing storms that made my heart cry out in pain.


My dearly loved Mum was very ill. She was in the ICU in a hospital that was too far away for me to visit. I live in Australia. Mum lives in Sri Lanka. My regular daily communication with her via email was suddenly severed. The same day that she was transferred to the ICU, my son who’d also been sick needed to be taken to hospital. Trouble usually comes in twos and three’s doesn’t it?
Mum has been my one-woman cheering squad through all of my life and she has excelled at it. She’s been my favourite, regular, daily email correspondent over many many years. My special friend and confidante. Her all encompassing love has been unconditional. No one can replace the very special place she occupies in my heart. My Mum is unique and loved more than she would ever know.


I was glad I could be there for my son. That was a comfort. But I couldn’t be there for my Mum. I longed to go and visit my Mum. I longed to hold her hand and tell her how special she was to me. I longed to comfort her. I longed to ease her pain and discomfort. I longed to communicate with her. I longed to tell her how much I loved her.
But of course I could not do any of these things.
And so I did the next best thing. I turned to God and asked Him to take care of her. I asked my friends to pray. I communicated feverishly with my family who live all over the globe. I prayed she would get better. I was very grateful to my siblings near at hand who were doing so much for her.
On the Monday morning, I hopped on the 8.30 bus to the City.  My plan was to take my son his breakfast, spend time with him and to bring him back home. The O bahn ride is always one I enjoy. An ordinary bus travelling on an extraordinary rail – zooming through very pretty countryside at the rate of 100 kmph. I love it.
Did my heartache that morning prevent me from enjoying the ride? Surprising as it may sound, the answer is ‘No’! In actual fact, the ride brought balm to my soul. I put on the headphones of mp3 player and listened to praise music as I travelled. I talked to God. I prayed for the needs of my family and friends. I prayed for my Mum and my son, both who needed extra prayer.
Around me, the world looked fresh and beautiful on that cool autumn morning. We travelled through many sun dappled groves where Gum trees waved their beautiful green branches and a lively creek gurgled it’s way downstream. I caught many glimpses of amazing beauty around me. I couldn’t help but drink it all in and worship my Creator in gratitude. And God spoke to me.
‘I have created all of this, Anusha. You can entrust your Mum into MY Hands’, He seemed to say. It felt like a foretaste and a brief glimpse of heaven as I worshipped. A breathtaking moment of realisation. A gift from God to me that day. And so I knew, that no matter what happened – I could trust God with Mum’s future and her life.
As a child of God I have a hope that shines brightly through the darkest night, that grabs my heart and keeps it secure through the fiercest storm. I know that when I  reach the end of life’s journey, I will step into something even better. Life with God. And that’s not all. I am assured that on the other side of the grave, I would also meet my loved ones who know Him. Death is not the end. It is a doorway to something far better. Something far better than I could ever imagine.
And so that day, God reached down and comforted me. He assured me of His best for my precious Mum. He told me He was in control. He told me I could trust Him. Once again, I learnt to keep dancing in the rain even through the storm. Yes, the rain fell all week. But I glimpsed a beautiful rainbow which dazzled and beckoned at me from the far end of the storm. My heart quickened. My soul was dipped in the beauty and freshness of hope. My prayers were answered.
My dance was one of unceasing praise to my Amazing God.
And unceasing prayers (of thanksgiving and hope) for my Beloved Mum!