While you wait...

21/10/2012 17:10
It was time we left for my son’s music lesson. My son and I were hastily getting dressed to get there quickly. I realised with a start that I’d forgotten something important. The night before, my husband had gone out in order to get the money needed to pay Asela’s music teacher the term fees. It was due when Asela attended his Music lesson on Monday. The problem was that Shan had forgotten to give me the money.


So there I was on that Monday afternoon, acutely aware that I didn’t have the money I needed to pay my son’s music teacher. She was very particular about it too. We couldn’t stop at the bank en route either, since that would make him late for his lesson. Oh dear! I called my husband on the off chance that he’d left the money at home. I found he was on the road when I called, so I didn’t want to keep him talking. I told him it was OK and called off quickly.
Oh well, I shall have to go again tomorrow to give her the money, I thought to myself.
My son and I walked down our driveway and we got into my car. I turned on the engine, turned the right signal on and kept my foot on the brake pedal, ready to drive off. Another car came down our road. As I looked up, the car came alongside mine. I turned my head to find myself looking straight into my husband’s handsome face. He was smiling at me from inside his car.’ You wanted something?” he asked.
“Oh! Yes! As matter of fact I did. Asela needs his music fees!’ I responded with surprise. Relief flooded over me. Shan dug into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He removed three crisp 50 dollar bills. He handed them over to me. We both grinned. What a perfect co-incidence that he arrived home at exactly the right time – many hours before he usually gets home on a week day.
I was pretty surprised. The Timing could not have been better. Could it? Amazing. As I drove off, I turned to Asela and said ‘Now that’s what I call perfect timing!’ and my son had to agree.
I wonder if you are waiting on God for Him to work in your life? Or perhaps in the lives of those you care about? Do you wonder why He delays to answer? When you asked Him for an urgent response, did it seem as if God was too busy to care? Did it seem as He was driving His own agenda and not hearing you or responding in any way?
Sometimes it does seem that way, doesn’t it?
But you know what I think? I think God knows what He is doing. I believe we can trust Him. We see only part of His plan. He sees the whole. We see only a pocket sized view. He sees the entire Universe. We know something…… but what we know isn’t very much at all! God knows everything about everything.
Yes, bad things happen. Yes, hard times are often inexplicable.  Yes, prayer sometimes seems to go unanswered. Yes, sadly good people often suffer. Sometimes those who are undeserving of a good life seem to have it handed them down to them on a platter. Life is very unfair.
There have been many times when God didn’t seem to heed my prayers rightaway. There are prayers which I am still waiting on God for answers after more than twenty years. But I do know something. It wasn’t that He didn’t hear me. Because I know He did. It wasn’t that He didn’t care. Because I know He cares. It wasn’t that He had no power to help me. Because I know He is Almighty.
There are some prayers he hasn’t answered yet. But He has always answered the fervent, constant prayer on my heart. That when I lean on Him, trust in Him and walk in His ways, He will work all things out for good and for His Kingdom through my life.
I know that my ways are often not His ways. Neither are His ways mine. I am a mere creation of an Almighty God. He is God. All I have seen of life in the presence of God and in the power of His Spirit, teaches me to trust Him totally for all that I have not seen. God may not answer my prayers now. He may answer with a ‘No’. But He will answer my heart prayer – that I stay within the perfect will of Him who knows best.
And what more could I ask for?
So yes just as Shan’s timing the other day could not have been bettered, I dare to suggest today that God’s timing on our lives could not be better. Life is often not easy to fathom. But all I know of my God teaches me and assures me that I can trust Him totally.
If God had answered prayers too soon or differently I would have not grown in my Christian life. I look back now on what I couldn’t make sense of before and perceive a beautiful pattern emerge. God’s timing has worked well in my own life. His ‘wait’ deepened my trust in Him. His ‘No’ helped me grow. And His ‘yes’ blessed me more than tongue could tell.
Are you waiting? Waiting with a body that is aching and a throat that is parched? With a mind that is perplexed and a heart that is crushed? If you are, I extend my heartfelt sympathy to you. I am so sorry. I often wish that I had a magic wand to wave over all the hurting people in the world. I know that waiting for His answers can often be very painful. And difficult. Often too hard to bear.
But you know what? I realised that God has given me something far far better than a mere ‘magic wand’! Something that brings answers. That "something" is called prayer.
Today I pray for you that this waiting time will be a blessed time as you draw nearer to the Saviour; as you continue to grow into His intimate child and friend. And when the gates finally open for you and you see the stars shining around you, the sparklers glittering and you hear the fireworks go off with a glorious bang, and your prayers are finally answered, may you experience much joy and much blessing. And I will be thrilled to join in the happy dance with you.
Till then, do join me as I dance in the rain.
And with the answer to your prayers, may you also receive the Father’s glad ‘Well done’ for being faithful to Him as you waited.


"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"-- 1 Corinthians 2:9