Who's little Alex?

15/07/2012 16:54
Alex is a little 8 year old boy whom I love dearly. I worry when life is difficult for him. I care when Alex encounters a bad day. When Alex is happy, my heart is full. When Alex is unhappy, a cloud darkens my own horizon. When Alex’s future seems bleak – I try my best to pave the way to a brighter future for him. Alex is one special little 8 year old and I care about him. My friend Debbie told me she finds him a very loveable little boy and that made me so glad.
Who’s little Alex?
Let me share first about Someone who cares for me, exactly the way I care for Alex, but even better. My Heavenly Father! What do I know about Him? I’ve learnt that He is a God who’s far far bigger than I could ever imagine or understand. He is vast. Amazing. Filled with Glory. Majestic.Holy. A God of Love. A God who has chosen to make Himself known to me.
He is the Creator of the Universe. He sustains it by His Word. He is the Beginning and the End; the First and the Last. He is faithful. The One Person I can lean on totally for all of my life. When life is difficult, God looks out for me. When good things happen – He rejoices with me. When bad things happen to me (as they sometimes do), He takes my hand and sees me through. He is the Author of all that’s true, good and beautiful in my life.
God cares for me not because I am worthy of such love. He cares for me simply because He created me and because I’m His child. And in the same way, I care for Alex because I have created him. Yes, I did! But no….. in case you wondered…..Alex is not my son.
“Who’s Alex?” you ask impatiently. Let me tell you. Alex is simply a figment of my imagination. He’s the centre of my latest (and only) children’s novel (to date). A couple of months ago, feeling a distinct nudge by God, I began to write a children’s novel. First, I borrowed many children’s stories from my local library. I guzzled them up. I studied all I could about how to write for children. Yes, I did my homework. Then, I grabbed my writer’s head and went deep into my writer’s heart to dream up a good story.
I spent lots of time thinking; lots of time dreaming; lots of time writing. I had three short weeks to do it. But by the time my novel was due to be handed in, I was done! I’d written about this little boy, Alex. He was very special. But Alex had a few difficulties. My story was about how he surmounted those difficulties. And of course the story had a happy ending. I made sure of that.
By the time I finished writing my story, something curious had occurred. I’d become very attached to my little character. He felt like a real, live person. I cared deeply about him. I’m certain many of my fiction writer friends will nod your wise and experienced heads at that? It’s true! Alex was only a character in a story, but he was very real in my mind. I felt very protective towards him. He was in my heart; in my mind and in my life.
As I thought about Alex, I realised again what God’s love for me is like. I felt tender concern for Alex. I know God’s concern for me exceeds all my expectations – His love is higher, deeper, wider, stronger and bigger than any other love I could ever encounter or even imagine. Alex’s well being was a source of concern for me. My well being is always a source of concern to God.
Alex’s future was important to me. I know my future is on God’s heart. Every time Alex was distressed, I was distressed. When I hurt, I know that God feels and understands my pain. When Alex rejoiced, I rejoiced with him. It’s the same with my heavenly Father who rejoices with me in all my joys! When Alex learnt something about life – I said to him ‘Good on you, Mate’. When I learn the lessons God brings my way – I hear my Father’s ‘Well done’ ringing in my ears like the sound of music; melodious, joyful, glorious!
I wonder if Satan has whispered a few lies into your ears lately, when things didn’t turn out the way you hoped? “How could God do this to me? Why doesn’t He do something? Does God even care?”
I tell you this. Don’t believe those lies! My little character Alex taught me something important. God cares for me; especially during those times I may be tempted to doubt His love. God cares for you in exactly the same way. Alex was my creation. But Alex isn’t truly alive. I am God’s creation! I am a character in God’s story. And I am alive.
And you know something else? Even though Alex went through some rough times in his life, I made sure he would be OK. I made certain that his future was bright as the promises of God! Yes, I directed Alex’s life the way I wanted to. I made Alex’s story have a happy ending.
And just as I wrote a happy finale for Alex’s life – I know with absolute certainty that when I follow God’s ways in my life, He will ensure that my life too has a grand ending.
And yours!
Do you dare believe it?
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11