You Didn't Ask

30/05/2019 22:26

It was one of those days. One moment the sun dazzled the world with its radiant smile, the next … storm clouds gathered thick and fast and rain came pattering down. I knew I’d have only an hour at the shops so thought I'd buy the wedding gift I wanted but leave the rest of my (grocery) shopping for later. An hour’s browsing and deliberating found me the perfect gift—a  collection of smaller gifts really and the knowledge warmed my heart. Afterwards, as I pushed my trolley towards the car park, a few spots of drizzle wet my nose. Oh good! It was only a light shower, so no need to pull out my umbrella!
As if to challenge my attitude of gratitude, the rain drops began to increase. A few minutes on, the drizzle turned into a deluge. I rushed to my car pushing my trolley. Soaking and shivering, I opened the boot with a slippery hand and unloaded my treasures, then hurried to find a spot for my trolley and dashed back to my car, getting sopping wet all the while. Raindrops splattered my steering wheel and water dripped down the car seat making a pool at my feet.

I frowned. “Why did you time that shower so badly Papa?

‘You didn’t ask’


I didn’t ask? 


 Did I need to ask?

After all, He is my Father—He takes care of me. It hadn't occured to me to pray. In fact, I’d not pulled my umbrella out because it was only a drizzle when I walked out. Would prayer have made a difference? By the time I reached home, the sun was shining, lighting up the cold wintry world with squishes of joy. It seemed that God was laughing at me. What was He up to?
I had 15 brief minutes before I had to leave home again, but those precious moments had to be squandered in changing my wet clothes. Grrr! I stripped my attire, putting on a set of dry clothes then hung my squelching pants, top and jacket in front of the heater to dry. As for my hair—it had been full of bounce that morning but now … even after I blow-dried it, it looked flat and lifeless, clinging to my head dismally like a collection of dead leaves!
Soon, we sped off for my son’s his physio appointment. Asela said he’d walk back—and that was good—I had a lot to accomplish that day so the extra time was valuable. I drove to the shopping centre ... and this time I was wise. Well before I finished getting my groceries, I talked to my Heavenly Father telling Him exactly what I needed.
“Papa, please could you make the rain stop till I get to my car? 
It’s too hard to push a trolley and hold an umbrella at the same time!”

I think I heard a heavenly chuckle.

When I reached the car park I was thrilled see there was no sign of rain. Hooray! I hastened to my car, remembering to ask God to permit my son to enjoy a walk in dry weather rather than in a wintry squall. It did stay dry till I reached my car. Thank you so much Papa. The sunshine warmed me as I reached home rejoicing. My son returned a little later– and yes, he too had enjoyed a walk in a dry world! It was a miracle that I didn’t get wet a second time and another miracle that my son’s half-hour walk had also been in sunshine—because most of the that day dripped like a leaky faucet in need of mending.
How good it was to have my prayer answered. What a blessing that my son wasn’t drenched! Even better, how wonderful that I learnt the importance of talking to my heavenly Father about all my needs even ones I might sometimes take for granted.
There are times God bless us without us asking.

But then … He always wants us, His children to talk to Him about our needs.

After all, that’s what relationship is all about isn’t it?

Did you remember to ask God today for what you need?


“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: 

that if we ask anything according to His will, he hears us. 


And if we know that He hears us—whatever we ask—

we know that we have what we asked of Him.” 1 John 5:14-15