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What You Do Matters!

02/05/2024 22:56
I’ve been disappointed that my lack of energy has stopped me from my usual jaunty rambles during the last few years. I miss walking under God’s open sky, basking in green surrounds. Recently, I was sitting in my backyard when I was startled to behold a splash of beauty shimmering on my horizon. As...

Two Words that Change Everything!

29/03/2024 19:21
  Recently, as I reflected on a story in St Marks gospel, two words from the passage covered me in a soft embrace, like being wrapped in my husband’s strong arms in a warm and loving hug. What were the two words? Ah! Let me share more! Jesus had taken his three closest disciples, Peter James...

Light in the Darkness

09/02/2024 23:06
My New Website Light in the Darkness contains more of my writing. Do click on the link to see my latest blogposts! Thank you! 

A Brand New Blog - Light in the Darkness

10/11/2020 18:58
My website, Dancing in the Rain, now has a partner.  Light in the Darkness is my newest website.   Please go to my Blog page from where you can click a link to reach Light in the Darkness. Do pop in to say G'day. I'd love to see you there.

Sharing the Journey

10/11/2020 18:55
My third book, a sequal to Enjoying the Journey was out in March 2020. Sharing the Journey is packed with little God stories that speak to your  heart and bring you closer to Jesus.

Lessons from a Pandemic

02/08/2020 19:05
A few days ago, I ran out of my front door, my arms filled with library books. It was an epoch day— after more than four long months, our local library was finally open on a Saturday. To my dismay, I saw that I’d forgotten to change my shoes. I ran back, yanked our screen door open and dashed into...


02/07/2020 19:13
Recently, I made a happy discovery. I used to hide away  from the sun for years, because heat caused those fibro symptoms to flare badly. But one gloomy week when my body became unbearably fatigued, I wondered if there might be a connection between the lack of sunlight and my deteriorating...

It's Time to Declutter!

31/05/2020 18:58
When there’s the slightest hint of my catching a cold, (especially now, during this COVID-19 season), I reach for my trusted remedies—vitamin C, lemon lozenges and a Sri Lankan herbal concoction that keeps any germs at bay. The other day, a tickle in my throat had me running to my pantry to secure...

Safety during Troubled Times

01/05/2020 16:55
Who would have expected 2020 to bring us what it did? True, life’s full of surprises and has a habit of dishing out unwelcome seasons when we least expect it, but I’d never envisioned this level of suffering—the world over! Usually, if one country experiences a disaster, others rush to their aid....

The Hope and Glory of Easter

11/04/2020 23:55
Recently, when my last bottle of dishwashing liquid had reached its end stages, I prised open its lid and peered inside. There was a decent quantity of thick green liquid still in there after all. It was a shame to throw the bottle away but the liquid wouldn’t flow out of it. And then … like a...
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